Featured Product Innovations

We’re constantly innovating and developing new products, watch this space for all the exciting new developments from Griffith Foods

Savour Flex

Delivering a better tasting and eating experience to low-fat snacks Request a sample or more information “P...

Clean Fingers

You want the taste in your mouth, not on your fingers. Did you know that … almost 70% of UK Snacks consumer...


A flavoured oil that delivers an impressive taste in a single step with a clean label benefit.

Sugar Flex

Tailor-made nutritional sauces that include reduced, low, or no added sugar options. 

Nutritional Coatings

Innovative coating system, enrich coatings with beneficial nutrients, fibres and proteins.

Never Fry

A coating system with a reduced fat content, yet with the same crispiness and visual appeal.

Hidden Fruit & Veg Sauces

A range of sauces discreetly boosting the content of fruit and vegetables and nutritional value of popular ...