Nutritional Coatings

Delicious and nutritious coatings with enriched fibre and protein

Consumers increasingly ask questions about the adequate fibre and protein content in food products.  

At Griffith Foods, we strive to perfect taste and texture, and to improve the nutritional profile of our solutions, including by enriching our value-added coating systems with fibre and protein.  

The challenge: balancing taste and convenience with nutrition 

Adding protein and fibre to coating systems can have a marked positive impact on the nutritional profile of the final product, but it is not an easy task. Indeed, there can be no compromise on the taste or texture, nor on the visual appeal, colour, and surface appearance, which are all key sensory attributes of coated products that consumers expect. The good news is that we are up for the challenge. 

Our Solution: Nutritional Coating systems

Great tasting coatings. Added protein and fibre.

Griffith Foods’ Nutritional Coatings, our innovative coating system, enrich coatings with beneficial nutrients, fibres and proteins while reducing higher calorie ingredients to improve the nutritional profile of coated products. In addition, we only use consumer recognizable ingredients.  

Our nutritional coatings support authorised nutritional claims, such as source of fibre, high in fibre, source of protein and high in protein on front of pack for the final coated product. All this in a convenient, easy-to-use coating system which maintains the taste, texture and visual appeal of your coated product. 

Tailor-made to suit your needs

We understand that your product offer needs to be unique, and that requirements vary from one extension or launch to the next.  

That is why, beyond looking at protein and fibre enrichment, our R&D teams can also investigate ways to optimize fat, sugar, or sodium content with our nutritional seasonings or sauces and other added-value add coatings like Griffith Foods’ Never Fry coating systems. They can also rely on their expert knowledge of various meat and plant-based substrates. Our Culinary chefs can further inspire you with all-encompassing concepts to make it even more appealing to your target consumers. 

Below are just two examples of solutions developed by our chefs using our Nutritional Coating systems. 

Plant-based Fish Goujons with Nutritional Coating System

Plant-based fish goujons with Griffith Foods Nutritional coating fortified with proteins and fibres. Served with our lemon and herb mayonnaise.

Chicken Taco With Fibre-enriched Nutritional Coatings

Chicken taco with fibre-enriched Griffith Foods Nutritional Coating System. Served with guacamole style & sugar reduced BBQ dips.

*Nutritional values mentioned here relate to the specific concepts as designed by our developers. They may not be used for on pack declarations. It remains the responsibility of the final producer to consult local legislations on declaration and labelling.

Why Nutritional coatings? 

  • Great texture: maintains the appeal of your coated product  
  • Healthier choices: allows consumers to choose a better-for you option with increased protein or fibre content   
  • On trend: enables front of pack nutritional claims (Source of fibre, High in fibre, Source of protein, High in protein)*, and can improve the Nutri-Score and Traffic Light scores of your final product 
  • Convenient: can be optimized to your substrate of choice (red meat, poultry, fish, chicken, cheese, vegetable, plant-based protein) 
  • Tailor-made: suits your organoleptic and nutritional requirements 

*Pack labels and claims are determined by the final product composition. It is the responsibility of the owner of the final product to consult authorities and legislation with regard to pack declarations and labelling. 

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