Savour Flex

Delivering a better tasting and eating experience to low-fat snacks

What is it ?

Savour Flex leverages low-fat snacks in terms of taste and palatability to create a pleasant eating experience!


It’s a toolbox of ingredients used within a seasoning to improve the flavour perception and to enrich the complexity of a seasoning. Savour Flex leverages the eating experience of a low-fat snack, resulting in a satisfying and full-bodied, rich flavour in the mouth.

How does it work?

Savour Flex has an impact on flavour ‘richness’​ by triggering the Kokumi receptors in the mouth. Kokumi describes a certain type of mouthfeel the body detects through calcium channels on your tongue (a recent scientific discovery).

How can it be used and applied?

Being a Toolbox, all flavour profiles can benefit from the “impact” of Savour Flex, the choice is yours.

It is suitable for an oil spray dust-on application to flavour popped crisps, baked snacks, extruded snacks, veggie based extruded snacks and rice cakes.

Suggested flavour profiles

We are offering 6 flavour profiles to demonstrate the effect:


  • Original Sea Salted
  • Sea salt & Vinegar
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Cheese
  • Roasted Paprika
  • BBQ

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“Partner with us to make your low-fat snacks sales ramp up using our Savour Flex Toolbox and building on our expertise in delivering delicious snacking experiences so that consumers buy your snacks over and over“