Hidden Fruit & Veg Sauces

Delicious and nutritious sauces to boost vegetable and fruit intake

Incorporating a variety of vegetables and fruit into one’s daily diet is essential for achieving optimal health.

At Griffith Foods, we strive to perfect taste and texture, and to improve the nutritional profile of our solutions, including by adding more fruits and vegetables into our sauces.

The challenge: balancing taste and convenience with nutrition

Consumers want to eat healthily, but also demand convenience and indulgence. Especially when it comes to traditional and family-oriented meals, brands may not want to emphasize a high content of fruits and vegetables. Yet they still want to find practical ways to fit them into consumers’ busy daily lives.

Our Solution: Hidden Fruit & Veg

Great sauces for traditional meals.

Our range of family friendly Hidden Fruit & Veg sauces delivers authentic taste & texture, whilst discreetly boosting the content of fruit and vegetables and nutritional value of popular convenience meals.  

Tailor-made to suit your needs

We understand each meal concept you bring to market needs to be unique. That is why we offer different Hidden Fruit & Veg sauces to fit various traditional meals, from Italian or Mexican style tomato-based sauces, to BBQ sauces and curries.

Our R&D teams and Culinary chefs work closely with you to tailor-make sauces that suit your organoleptic requirements. They can offer accompanying seasoning and coating solutions to further improve nutritional profiles, relying on their expertise in working with different meat and plant-based substrates. Our Culinary chefs can inspire complete concepts to further increase your products’ consumer appeal.

Below are just two examples of solutions developed by our chefs using our “Hidden Fruit & Veg” sauces:

Hidden Fruit & Veg Tomato & Basil sauce

Traditional Italian-style pasta Bolognese but with added vegetable content in the sauce, and with our plant-based minced ‘meat’ functional seasoned blend.

Hidden Fruit & Veg Katsu Curry Sauce

Chicken curry with Hidden Fruit & Veg Katsu Curry sauce. Served with cauliflower rice.

*Nutritional values mentioned here relate to the specific concepts as designed by our developers. They may not be used for on pack declarations. It remains the responsibility of the final producer to consult local legislations on declaration and labelling.

Why Hidden Fruit & Veg Sauces?

  • Taste, convenience and nutrition: keeps traditional meals indulgent, yet discreetly boosts their vegetable and fruit content
  • Healthier choices: allows processors and retailers to bring better-for you options to consumers
  • On trend: enables nutritional claims* (including “1 of 5 a Day*) 
  • Tailor-made: suits your organoleptic and nutritional requirements 

*Pack labels and claims are determined by the final product composition. It is the responsibility of the owner of the final product to consult authorities and legislation regarding pack declarations and labelling. 

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