Garlic: An All-purpose Allium

The popularity and prevalence of alliums — especially garlic — across cultures and cuisines speaks to the versatility and importance of these exceptional plants. Garlic is often a flavor base for restaurant and home-cooked meals, but interesting uses and prep methods have become increasingly prevalent in digital conversations. This online buzz surrounding garlic over the past year points to significant opportunities in product development innovation. Here are the properties drawing the most attention from consumers.

Health Benefits

Garlic has been used in medicine and cooking for thousands of years. It delivers intense flavor and an abundance of possible health benefits that researchers and nutritionists around the globe continue to explore, particularly as consumers maintain a rejuvenated interest in better-for-you foods from the past year and half. The compound allicin, which gives raw garlic its pungent aroma, has been found to reduce inflammation and offer other functional benefits. CPGs and home cooks are doubling down on garlic’s immune-boosting power by turning to fermented preparations and pairing it with other antioxidant-containing foods like honey.

Anya's apothekere fermented honey garlic sauce
Fermented Honey Garlic Sauce

Purple cabbage salad with fermented honey garlic dressing
“Purple cabbage salad with fermented honey garlic dressing” –@cookingmcgeiger
Homemade fermented garlic honey
“I made a batch of our favorite seasonal immune boosting foods- Fermented Garlic Honey! We use this so much in sauces and marinades but it tastes delicious right out of the jar if you ask me…” -@goodsapothecary

Versatile Flavor Enhancer

Garlic is front and center across the board in 2021. Over the last year, garlic has trended up in online conversations for almost every food category, including alternative proteins and beef. However, the highest increases have been in seafood mentions. There are many use cases for this essential allium within the seafood space — from enhancing the flavor of quick, at-home fillets to finishing touches on delicate, restaurant carpaccios.

Stripped Bass Carpaccio with yuzu salt, garlic oil and lemon zest
“Stripped Bass Carpaccio…with yuzu salt, garlic oil and lemon zest”
Spiced salmon, brown rice and vegetables cooked in garlic oil and a gluten free soy sauce
“Spiced salmon, brown rice and vegetables cooked in garlic oil and a gluten free soy sauce.” –@goodlivingwithlee

Complementary Spice

Raw garlic is known for its pungent aroma and spicy flavor, making it the perfect addition to dishes in need of a quick boost. Consumers are punching up heat, amping up flavor, and dialing back effort by featuring garlic in meatless, noodle-based dishes. Combining garlic, chili flakes, and other ingredients with oil creates a fragrant sauce that can easily be adjusted according to desired spice-level and taste preferences.

Chili garlic oil noodles
“I used flat wheat noodles and tossed them in a super fragrant mix of garlic, scallions, chilli, salt, sesame seeds, pepper, soy sauce, and a bit of Chinese black vinegar. Finished it off with some of my homemade chili garlic sauce + chili bean paste and blanched bok choy.”
Baked garlic chili tofu with noodles and peanut sauce
Baked Garlic Chili Tofu with noodles and Peanut sauce..” –@plantbasedrd

Spicy garlic noodles with a fried egg and some homemade chili garlic oil
“Spicy garlic noodles with a fried egg and some homemade chili garlic oil”

Elevate Your Offerings with Griffith Foods’ Garlic Solutions

We’re giving garlic all the glory this month and every month. Griffith Foods uses consumer-based insights to develop products that help partners deliver the flavors, textures, and food properties their customers enjoy most.

Garlic Food Inspiration from Our US Chefs

Home-style fries dipped in roasted garlic aioli

Home-Style Fries with Roasted Garlic Aioli

Elevate your French fries: Use our Creative Coater and Savory French Fry Seasoning to achieve crisp, crunch, and irresistible taste. These homemade-style French fries can be paired with a quick and flavorful roasted garlic, mayonnaise-based dip to round out the perfect side dish.

Featured Griffith Foods Products:
  • French Fry Creative Coaters
  • Instant Roasted Garlic Aioli Mix

Garlic Food Inspiration from Our Canada Chefs

Steamed dumplings filled with mushrooms and a butter, garlic, and chive seasoning

Butter, Chive & Mushroom Dumplings

For a meatless treat, these chive and mushroom dumplings fit the bill. Elevate savory mushroom filling with a bold butter, garlic, and chive seasoning blend. Enjoy these dumplings steamed or fried.

Featured Griffith Foods Product:
  • Butter Garlic & Chive Seasoning

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