Tacos: Snacking’s Most Valuable Player

Mini tacos of chipotle brisket, red onion and radish.

When snacking is the name of the game, tacos are the stars — make them mini, and they become the most valuable players. Tacos capitalize on convenience and portability for on-the-go eaters while meeting consumer demand for savory options that satiate.

Corporate Chef Timothy Baran’s mini, crispy braised chipotle beef tacos are no exception. They don’t require fussy ingredients, are easy to take on the go, and deliver maximum flavor with every bite.

Mini Braised Chipotle Beef Tacos

Chef Timothy’s mini tacos center around a rotisserie beef brisket marinated in Griffith Foods’ Chipotle Marinade. It’s a bold, spicy marinade with notes of sauteed garlic, fresh onion, fresh cilantro, and sustainably-sourced cracked black pepper. Once piled high on a warm tortilla with sliced jalapeno, shaved radish, pickled red onions, and crumbled cotija, a squeeze of lime brightens the flavor and brings it all together.

Tender, Smoky Brisket Without Hours on the Grill

Brisket is a notoriously tough cut of beef. Adding a proprietary natural tenderizer to the Chipotle Marinade helps break down the brisket’s fibers and connective tissue. The result is as tender as beef tenderloin without hours of marinating or slow cooking. Our marinades not only provide strong flavor in every bite but also offer a two-fold approach to sustainability by:

  • Using black pepper and spices sourced through Griffith’s Sustainable-Sourced (GSS) program. GSS ethically and strategically helps agricultural producers improve their yields and wellbeing, positively impacting the planet and farmers.
  • Providing high-quality beef texture to tougher, less expensive cuts of meat. The ability to easily transform tough cuts of meat, which consumers sometimes overlook, allows us to use more parts of the animal.

What’s Next for Snacking?

Tacos have always been — and probably will forever be — a popular handheld item. However, as Mexican foods grow in popularity, traditional flavors and familiar applications become jumping-off points for product development: Try the tacos with pork, chicken, turkey, or seafood, or use the Chipotle Marinade to create a stir-fry with a Mexican twist.

Griffith Foods marinades, Flavour Glazes, and sauces provide restaurants, retailers, and processors with a versatile solution that maximizes flavor and utility. Contact us for more snacking ideas or information on how Griffith Foods solutions can enhance your product portfolio.

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