Shake Up Your Protein with Ranchero Popcorn Chicken

Shaken Ranchero Popcorn Chicken made with Griffith Foods' Homestyle Breading System and Ranchero Flavour Glaze

Looking for a handy-to-heat, easy-to-eat, exploration-inspired snacking solution? This Shaken Ranchero Popcorn Chicken comes in small bites and packs a big punch with regional Mexican flavors.

Martha Sanchez, a Griffith Foods corporate chef based in Mexico, shares how the right coating system can shake up snack time (literally!) into a satisfying adventure for your taste buds.

A Taste of Mexico Isn’t Too Far Away

Authentic flavors don’t always have to be used in traditional applications. This Shaken Ranchero Popcorn Chicken concept delivers a unique yet familiar flavor profile through its regionally influenced Ranchero Flavour Glaze.

The Ranchero Flavour Glaze combines chilis typically used in different parts of Mexico — including ancho, chipotle, and guajillo — and familiar spices like cumin, oregano, bay leaves, garlic, and onion. As notes of distinctive sun-dried smokiness highlight the chilis and a hint of lime nods to central Mexican cuisine, the combination creates complex flavor traditionally found in Mexican home cooking.

Heat. Pour. Shake. Eat.

Griffith Foods’ Homestyle Breading System covers the chicken bites, making them receptive to the Flavour Glaze. The breading system gives the popcorn chicken a crunchy texture — reminiscent of chicken milanesa, a classic meal enjoyed in many South American homes — that will stay golden under high temperatures and crisp beneath the saucy, reddish-orange glaze.

Pop a container of chicken into the microwave for less than a minute, pour in the Flavour Glaze, give it a few good shakes, and the popcorn chicken is ready for on-the-go snacking.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way with Flavour Glaze

Whether in a microwave, airfryer, pan, or electric oven, heating the popcorn chicken first maximizes the use and efficiency of the Flavour Glaze. When applied to a warm substrate, the oil-based, shelf-stable Flavour Glaze will spread more easily — making smaller quantities go further. The glaze’s lack of water also prevents the breading system from getting soggy. It respects the system’s crunchiness and locks in juiciness, which is especially important with lean proteins, like chicken breasts.

Take Shaken Ranchero Popcorn Chicken Anywhere

Boneless, skinless chicken — whether as bites, tenders, or wings — serves as an excellent base for the breading system and Flavour Glaze. Its handheld, versatile nature combined with the oil-based, shelf-stable Flavour Glaze make this concept suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Foodservice, retail, or convenience stores: The breaded chicken can stay warm in holding cabinets without sacrificing the product’s integrity.
  • Concessions at movie theaters, concerts, or sporting events: It takes less than a minute to reheat the popcorn chicken and can be done in its packaging. Flavour Glazes come in single-serve sachets.
  • Protein processors: The coating system and Flavour Glaze can be frozen and reheated without degrading flavor or texture.

Whether ordered out or enjoyed at home, Shaken Ranchero Popcorn Chicken allows consumers to explore different regional tastes of Mexico in a fun, fast, and easy fashion.

Make Flavour Glaze Work For You

Apply the bold flavors, vibrant colors, excellent adherence, and crispiness of the breading system and Flavour Glaze to almost any substrate for an element of excitement and adventure. From french fries to cheese and red meat to plant-based proteins, homestyle bread crumbs and Ranchero flavors provide an approachable option for consumers to step outside of their comfort zone and experience Mexican cuisine in a new way.

Not looking for Ranchero flavor, or have another cuisine in mind? We can incorporate any dry seasoning into our Flavour Glaze technology, and work with teams to create tastes and experiences catered to their customers. Get in touch to see where we can take your customers away to next.

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