Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed Steaks

Mindful eating isn’t just about functional foods or superfood designations. Consumers focused on nourishing their well-being and the planet need transparency regarding where their food comes from and how it’s processed.

When eaten in moderation, steak is a treat that can bring balance to diets and protein to meals. Corporate Chef Bryan Fisherkeller from Griffith Foods US wants to share his thoughts on why you should be serving grass-fed steaks.

Comparing Costs

While grass-fed steak tends to be more expensive than grain-fed, there are benefits — both nutritional and environmental — to seeking out grass-fed beef when your budget allows.

What Defines Grass-fed Steaks

  • Associated with smaller, more sustainable and humane farms
  • Cows eat a grass-based diet, which is their natural diet
  • Diet results in healthy cattle growth, which takes 6-8 months longer
  • Darker burgundy meat color, yellow fat color
  • Fat inclusions are found throughout the muscle
  • Contains up to 5x more Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef

Characteristics of Grain-fed Steaks

  • Associated with large scale factory farming operations
  • Cows eat an unnatural, mostly soy- and corn-based diet
  • Causes rapid fattening for increased beef output
  • Bright red meat color, white fat color
  • Fewer fat inclusions within the muscle with larger fat caps on the exterior of muscle

Preparing Grass-fed Steaks

The grass-fed beef is overall more tender and has a clean, beefy flavor, while the grain-fed beef is tougher and has a metallic, iron taste. Because of this, we don’t need a lot of ingredients or complicated cooking techniques to showcase the steak. Cooking the grass-fed meat can be as simple as searing salted steaks in a preheated pan and basting them with butter, garlic, and herbs to finish.

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