Mindful Eating: Food with Purpose

Consumers want to tap into the power of food, finding the balance between satiety, nutrition and indulgence. By taking a more mindful approach to eating, they can nourish not only the body but also their mental well-being. The snack category is full of products purported to help consumers relieve stress and face the day with a clear mind. Japanese soy milk and matcha chocolates are described as providing relaxation and comfort, Malaysian lion’s mane granola claims to improve productivity, and sriracha-chili seaweed chips in the UK contain iodine to support cognitive function.

The protein category is also seeing an expansion from traditional “plus,” “minus” or “free-from” claims into more complex functional benefits. In India and the Middle East, eggs enhanced with immunity-boosting ingredients like selenium and zinc are catering to the health priorities of consumers. Bone broth pouches in the US contain nutrients to support brain development in children, calling out ingredients such as lutein, DHA and protein that support language processing.

Restaurant operators are also finding ways to meet the needs of consumers looking to achieve a more holistic healthy lifestyle by creating unforgettable experiences through their culinary offerings. A plant-based café in the US serves up nutrient-dense foods in an environment that encourages customers to embrace a sense of gratitude. In the UK, a restaurant focused on “living food” presents a curated menu for those passionate about taste, health and ingredient sourcing. Sustainability plays a critical role in the mindful eating space—not just to consumers but across the supply chain. In Colombia, an innovative startup connects farmers and food providers to neighborhood eateries and markets, shortening the journey between growers and restaurants.

3 Trends to Watch

Mushroom Fonio Paella: A Mindful Meal

Restaurants and retailers can help consumers balance their desires for health and happiness through food, especially when it comes to plant-forward dishes made with sustainable ingredients that are good for the earth, good for health and play in the wellness space. Watch Chef Mark Serice demonstrate how it’s done.

Segment Snapshot

Culinary Inspiration

Get inspired by these on-trend concepts to create innovative offerings using Griffith Foods’ products.

Crispy Roasted Mushroom Fonio Paella

Fonio is a highly cultivable, sustainable heritage grain packed with nutrients. Here, it’s combined with pan-fried trumpet, king and shiitake mushrooms, along with garlic, saffron, onion, tomato and leeks to create a plant-based take on classic Spanish paella.

Featuring: Griffith Foods Mushroom Paella Rice Seasoning

Freeze-dried Shiitake Mushroom Caps & Kimchi-seasoned Rolled Seaweed

Freeze-dried Shiitake Mushroom Caps: This low-calorie, fiber- and vitamin-rich snack is delicately seasoned with a spicy kimchi and toasted seaweed blend for a rich umami taste. Freeze-drying the mushrooms provides a mouthwatering crunch to the snack.

Kimchi-seasoned Rolled Seaweed: Crunchy, slightly sweet toasted nori sheets are infused with spicy fermented kimchi seasoning and tightly rolled to create a portable, flavorful healthy snack on the go. Nori serves as a rich plant-based source of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Featuring: Griffith Foods Kimchi and Nori Seasoning

Chef Tip

“Embrace mindful eating by employing all of your senses and being curious about what you eat and why. Pause to experience every bite, and take the time to reflect on how the experience changes from moment to moment.” –Chef Mark Serice, Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods

Global Commitment to Nutrition

As a proud member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Griffith Foods is committed to developing products that are aligned with the council’s Responsible Business Pledge for Better Nutrition. The pledge is a framework for business leaders to make nutrition a board-level priority by registering SMART nutrition commitments within the world’s first independent and comprehensive platform, the Global Nutrition Report’s Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF).

The objective of the NAF is to support the shared goal of ending poor diets and malnutrition in all its forms while enabling the transparency necessary to shape strong future commitments for nutrition.

Our team is focused on achieving these goals with six commitments that cover all areas of our business:

  1. At least 50% of our finished products will meet or exceed external global nutrition standards by 2030
  2. External global nutrition standards will be incorporated into our product development process for all innovations by 2025
  3. 100% of our global workforce will successfully complete a nutrition education program developed by credentialed healthcare professionals by 2025
  4. We are committed to partnering with our customers to develop and offer more nutritious products, including more plant-forward offerings, by 2030
  5. 25% of our portfolio will use regenerative agriculture ingredients by 2030
  6. We will increase our investment in nutrition by 2030

Learn more about our commitment to health and nutrition in our latest Sustainability Report.

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Source: Mintel, 2022 FlavorIQ® Global Trends and Insights Report, January 2022.

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