Don’t Call It a Carb Comeback

They’re going back to their roots.

Consumers are challenging the way they think about carbs, embracing — instead of shunning — the nourishing nature of whole grains and cleaner, simple substitutes for refined carbohydrates. Today, consumers are more conscious of the quality and nutritional benefits found in whole ingredients like ancient grains, nuts, seeds, and plants. This presents unique opportunities to reinvent products traditionally made from refined grains into healthier options that fuel and satisfy.

Power Up with Protein

Breads, pizza crusts, and tortillas are full of potential. Incorporating ancient or sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes can boost protein. Using alternative flours in doughs and breadings can eliminate gluten while adding extra nutrients.

86% of consumers in Mexico find “rich in protein” to be an appealing claim.

(Source: GlobalData 2021 Q3 Consumer Survey Mexico)

Mission Foods Plant-Powered Protein Tortillas

Mission Foods Plant-Powered Protein Tortillas, available in the US, pack 7g of high-quality plant protein into each serving.

(Image from Mission Foods website)

Pizza from Milano Pizzeria in Canada made with almond flour crust

Milano Pizzeria, a chain in Canada, serves up pizza on crisp, almond flour crusts. Almond flour, which has around 7 grams of protein per serving, is a gluten-free flour alternative that also contains magnesium, vitamin E, and fiber.

(Image from Milano Pizzeria media)

Aid Digestion with Fiber

Whole grains and legume-based flours can also be used to make higher fiber versions of grain-based products. The higher fiber content in whole grains and legume-based flours can support digestion through promoting regularity (via insoluble fiber) and supporting healthy gut bacteria (via soluble fiber).

  • 56% of US consumers say it’s worth paying more for artisanal or craft bread. (Source: Mintel 2022 Trends Report)
  • 87% of consumers in Mexico find “rich in fiber” to be an appealing claim. (Source: GlobalData 2021 Q3 Consumer Survey Mexico)
  • 67% of Canadian consumers think grains/pulses will have a positive effect on their health. (Source: GlobalData Consumer Survey 2021 Q2 Canada)

Stay True to Texture

Whether it’s something to snack on or re-envisioned menu items, whole grains and alt-flours allow for healthier options that don’t sacrifice crunch. Incorporating seeds and ancient grains into items like chips and granola create a lighter or more nutrient-rich snack. Nut flours can be used as gluten-free breading for crispy proteins or vegetables.

One bag of vegan sour cream and onion pop bitties chips open with chips coming out next to a Hickory Barbecue bag

Pop Bitties Air Popped Ancient Grain Chips, available in the US, are made with 100% whole grain sorghum and other ancient grains like brown rice, quinoa, and chia. The chips are air popped to make them a light, crispy, and crunchy.

(Image from pop bitties media)

3 hands holding different flavors of Arise N' Go Popped Water Lilly Seeds

Arise N’ Go, a Canadian snacking company, makes chips from popped water lily seeds. They are an oil-free, light and crunchy, feel-good alternative to highly processed snacks. Made from ancient seeds, the popcorn-like snacks are available in unique flavors like Chipotle BBQ, Ultimate Spice, and Simply Seasoned.

(Image from Arise N’ Go website)

Green beans crusted with almonds bring a crunch to the dish without using bread crumbs.

Ejotes almendrados (almond green beans) from Animal Masaryk, a restaurant in Mexico City, are coated in crushed almonds for crunch. The green beans are also bathed in sweet and sour sauce.

(Image from Animal Masaryk media)

Advocate for Nutrition-rich Carbs

Today, it’s less about avoiding carbs and more about finding ones that are whole grain and nourishing. Restaurants, processors, and retailers can amp up the nutritional value of traditional products by incorporating ancient grains, pulses, nuts, and vegetables into their offerings in place of more refined ingredients.

Griffith Foods Rice and Ancient Grains "Couscous"

Rice and Ancient Grains “Couscous” featuring:

  • Griffith Foods Ancient Grains Creative Coater
  • Griffith Foods Tuscan Herb Seasoning
Buffalo Cauliflower Chicken bites made with Griffith Foods Buffalo Marinade and Griffith Foods Buffalo Cauliflower Coating System.

Buffalo Cauliflower Chicken Bites featuring:

  • Griffith Foods Buffalo Marinade
  • Griffith Foods Buffalo Cauliflower Coating System

With Griffith Foods solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice quality, taste, or texture for nutrition. We believe in creating healthful products that maintain food integrity and can cater solutions to fit your brand’s needs. Let’s get the right carbs on the table with a solution that serves both you and your customers.

Let’s Create Better Together

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