How Food Consumer Insights are Inspiring Solutions

An integrated insights team is critical to staying at the top of consumers’ minds and ahead of the competition. What sets Griffith’s insights team apart is our ability to aggregate critical insights and work closely with other internal teams to ensure findings are woven into every aspect of the product development process.

The ability to synthesize, review, and utilize findings from various sources across teams makes Griffith’s insights rich and invaluable. While our insights all reflect the voice of the customer, we know that meaningful insights are multifaceted — gleaned and gathered from the market, consumers, and customers — and applied in a way that is relevant to individual brands.

Global Market Insights and Their Implications on Your Product Development

To only look at a narrow range of insights would be to limit ourselves. That’s why Griffith has a Global Insights Advisory Board with representatives from insights teams around the world dedicated to sharing their work with each other. This well-connected, collaborative group meets once a month to share what they’re seeing in their regions and inspire cross-cultural innovation. By keeping a pulse on markets across the globe, we can get ahead of trends, elevate capabilities, develop best practices, and expand our areas of expertise.

Food Innovation Starts with Consumers

Identifying trends and understanding attitudes, behaviors, and preference drivers among different consumer segments is at the heart of our insights team’s work. When Griffith’s sensory science team identifies attributes for a new product, consumer research helps validate those attributes and build confidence in the products you put in front of consumers. From determining product improvement areas to identifying whitespace opportunities, we use consumer insights to help you solve for unmet needs and inspire innovative development.

Griffith’s social listening program allows us to listen where it matters most — in organic online conversations. Not only do we understand what’s trending among consumers in general, but we also filter conversations down by topics and categories that are relevant to you, our partners. From popular appliances to alternative proteins, we’re listening to find out how our partners may be able to meet ever-evolving consumer preferences. This information is also used in collaboration with our culinary team to inform our annual, global trends.

Griffith Foods Top Trends of 2021

By keeping a watchful eye on consumers’ online conversations and working with our culinary team to identify what’s popular, we can meet consumers’ needs with new products and concepts inspired by what they’re looking for.

Beginning with the End Customer in Mind

Never underestimate the power that lies in secondary research. Sometimes drawing conclusions is a matter of filtering through what’s out there and connecting dots to see how it relates to your business specifically. At Griffith, we differentiate these insights with the lens through which we view the data, getting to know your targeted customer, and recognizing the implications of that data for you and your customers.

We invest in understanding end customers across a wide range of segments. From brand loyalists to the health-conscious or adventurous eaters, we seek to:

  • Identify what drives purchase decisions
  • Uncover unmet needs
  • Determine consumer flavor and format preferences
  • Understand behavior and usage of a product category

Whether it’s social listening, online surveys, or virtual focus groups, understanding specific end customers allows us to narrow the innovative focus and work with the culinary and food science teams to develop a product that resonates with customers — and keeps them coming back.

Food Consumer Insights in Action at Griffith

Ideas and the research that informs them come from far more than just the insights team and custom research projects at Griffith  — they result from multiple sources and synthesis from experts throughout our organization. Understanding your end customer allows us to decipher how to apply market and consumer trends to create relevant solutions customized to your brand and business goals.

Let’s Create Better Together

We’re here to help inspire creations that keep your product portfolio on trend. Contact your Griffith Foods representative or reach out to our sales team to learn more about our ongoing research and innovative offerings.