Creative Coaters Go Undercover

Griffith Foods Rice and Ancient Grains "Couscous"

You and I know Griffith Foods Creative Coaters as an alternative breading system that fries up golden brown and stays crisp — even after a trip in a takeout container or being held under a heat lamp. However, given its shape-shifting properties and magical ability to handle moisture, the Creative Coaters system is unexpectedly showing up in new dishes.

Couscous with a Secret

Chunks of feta cheese, fresh herbs, and diced bell peppers belie that Corporate Chef Ryan Flick’s couscous isn’t couscous at all — it’s Griffith Foods Rice and Ancient Grains Creative Coater.

Given that the system is specially formulated to retain a certain amount of moisture, the Rice and Ancient Grain Creative Coater will soak up flavor without getting soggy. When used as a “couscous,” the texture is still fluffy and light; the preparation, just as easy. Chef Ryan mixes the Creative Coater with seasoning, hydrates it with boiling water or stock, and tosses it with feta cheese and fresh herbs. The result is a wholesome, satisfying side dish finished with a welcome squeeze of lemon.

Carbs: Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to carbs, today’s consumers are focusing less on elimination and more on quality choices. Rice, ancient grains, and couscous are by no means considered low-carb. However, swapping traditional wheat couscous for the Rice and Ancient Grains Creative Coater breading system brings more nutritional balance to the dish: Ancient grains are less refined, higher in protein, and a good source of fiber. The Creative Coater system contains no wheat or GMOs — making it friendly for gluten-free diets as well as the environment.

Creative Uses for Creative Coaters

The value of Creative Coaters lies in their versatility. When it’s not being deep-, oven-, or pan-fried for that perfect crunch, Creative Coaters can transform into an impressive addition to any menu or portfolio. Chef Ryan’s “couscous” would be a happy companion alongside — or even stuffed inside — pork chops or roasted chicken. Griffith Foods Tuscan Herb Seasoning is made with sustainably sourced herbs like onion, garlic, tomato, basil, fennel, oregano, and black pepper, giving this dish a distinctly Mediterranean profile. However, the Creative Coater system comes unseasoned and ready for your brand’s spin.

Grains Aren’t Just for the Birds

More and more consumers realize carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet: 67% of Canadian consumers1, 72% of Mexican consumers2, and 62% of US consumers3 think grains and pulses will positively affect their health. Prioritizing whole grains and fresh ingredients aligns with consumers’ perceptions and helps brands establish a health halo that’s table stakes in today’s market.

Griffith Foods Creative Coaters and seasoning blends are developed with clean labels, sustainable sourcing, and quality ingredients. Our solutions can be customized in flavor profile and packaging style to fit your product portfolio and meet your consumers’ tastes. Reach out to start creating better — and better for you — together.

Let’s Create Better Together

We’re here to help inspire creations that keep your product portfolio on trend. Contact your Griffith Foods representative or reach out to our sales team to learn more about our ongoing research and innovative offerings.

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