Griffith Foods Partners with Solnul™ to create Prebiotic Snack Seasoning

Introducing our new prebiotic seasoning that targets digestive health for popcorn and other savory snacks!

By collaborating with MSP Starch Products Inc. (MSP), largest potato starch producer in Canada, we created this product featuring MSP’s proprietary resistant potato starch, Solnul™.

Solnul™ is supported by human microbiome research demonstrating its effects on GI health, microbial balance and regularity. As an insoluble but fully fermentable fiber, it also functions as a prebiotic by significantly increasing Bifidobacterium in the GI tract to support a healthy microbiome at low doses.

“At Griffith Foods, we love sourcing ingredients that not only have the research to meet market demand, but a compelling nutritional benefit. It helps us offer unique solutions to our customers, allowing them to remain as innovative leaders within their categories.”


Our prebiotic snack seasoning is available in two flavors, tzatziki and white cheddar, and well-suited for popcorn, extruded snack, rice cake and crisp applications. Each serving contains the benefits of a clinically-researched dose of 3.5 g Solnul™, containing 50% more fiber, half the sodium and less sugar than the leading flavored popcorn brand in the US.1 

“The scary reality is studies continue to show that Western diets are not providing adequate resistant starch. The average American gets only 20% of the resistant starch Suggested Dietary Target2 per day from diet alone. Solnul™ offers a fortification solution that is both convenient and effective at closing this gap, which goes beyond just fiber. Together with our industry partners, we’re pioneering a new way of eating that is focused on microbiome health,” said Jason Leibert, Chief Growth Officer at MSP.

55% of US consumers consider high fiber content an important attribute when purchasing a healthy snack.3 Prebiotic has become a top front-of-package claim consumers associate with better-for-you snacks.4 

Contact for samples and to learn more about how you can increase the quantity and quality of your product’s fiber for a truly better-for-you snack offering!

About Solnul

Solnul™ Resistant Potato Starch (RS2) is a clinically-proven, patented ingredient used by formulators of dietary supplements and functional food and beverage. Contrary to many prebiotic fibers, Solnul™ is backed by a body of clinical and scientific research proving efficacy at low doses, exceptional tolerability and multi-functionality. It significantly increases Bifidobacterium by 350%, supports GI health and promotes regularity with as little as 3.5 grams per day. It labels as ‘Resistant Potato Starch’ and is considered a prebiotic dietary fiber. Solnul™ is certified FODMAP Friendly, Gluten-Free, Glyphosate Residue Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and a member of the Upcycled Food Association. Learn more at

Compared to the average 28 g serving of the leading white cheddar popcorn brand. The leading white cheddar popcorn brand has 3 g fiber, 240 mg sodium and 1 g sugar per serving and the Griffith Foods’ Prebiotic white cheddar seasoning contains 5 g of fiber, 105 mg sodium and 0 g of sugar per serving.

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