The Secret to Snacking

A snacking way of life is all about expanding that space between traditional meals and redefining what we eat and when we choose to do it. Snacking is slowly evolving away from traditional snacks like potato chips and popcorn toward protein-rich, satiating mini-meals. The secret to satisfying snacks is finding unexpected ways to create unique, healthier snack bases.

Digging into Plant-based Seafood Snacks

Chef Ryan Flick’s plant-based tuna tartare takes a snacking spin that’s better for you and the environment and leans into consumers’ tendencies to replace larger meals with smaller snacks throughout the day.

Made with pea-protein powder and Griffith Foods’ Simulated Fish Seasoning, this seafood alternative mixture transforms into a light, mid-afternoon snack that can be enjoyed guilt-free. With texture and protein covered, Chef Ryan adds flavor complexity by seasoning with soy, ginger, green onions, and sesame seeds. He serves the chilled “tuna” with avocado and chili oil for a nutritional small plate that’s sure to satisfy.

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