Take Flight to France with Chicken Coq au Vin

Chicken Coq au Vin, a French dish

Food trends, much like fashion trends, are often cyclical. Classic dishes from the past reemerge on consumers’ tables just as styles that were popular in the ‘90s find their way onto modern runways.

Chef Timothy Baran leans into the past with a slight twist on a timeless recipe: Coq au Vin. A French dish made of wine-braised chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and garlic, this “old-school” recipe provides Chef Timothy with the perfect opportunity to balance comforting nostalgia with modern efficiency.

“Whenever I cook, I like to take a pause and think about where the food is, where it’s been, and where it’s going. I believe dishes from the past can help us create new and exciting dishes or twists for future consumers to enjoy.”

— Chef Timothy Baran

A Chicken Dish with Some History…

The inspiration for this recipe dates back to at least the ‘60s, when Julia Child popularized it on her cooking show. However, Coq au vin has roots that trace as far back as ancient Greece and the times of Julius Caesar. Though the recipe was not well documented until the early 20th century, it is largely accepted that Coq au Vin existed as a rustic dish long before then.

Coq au Vin means “rooster in wine,” but nowadays, most cooks and chefs use chicken. Part of what gives Coq au Vin its deep, rich flavor comes from the parts of the chicken being used – the thigh and leg. Though often thought of as ‘secondary cuts,’ the dark meat from chicken adds flavor and versatility to the dish.

Bold Flavor in Half the Time

Chef Timothy leverages seasoning blends and concentrates to save time without sacrificing flavor. Dark meat chicken thighs and wings are tumble marinated using a Griffith Foods seasoning blend that contains notes of garlic, roasted chicken, and sauteed tomato. This process helps push bold, complementary flavors into the meat before applying any heat.

After the chicken marinates happily in its herbaceous bath, Chef Timothy uses a Custom Culinary chicken concentrate to form the base. Instead of spending hours trying to achieve the proper richness of a traditional Coq au Vin stock, this concentrate simplifies and expedites the process while executing the dish’s characteristic flavor. Whether it’s a back-of-house time saver bringing French dishes to restaurant menus or a cook-in-bag entrée making gourmet dinners at home a breeze, these small solutions make a mighty impact.

“The marinade really helps to make sure that the flavor found in the last bite is the same as the first bite, and the Custom Culinary concentrate is a huge time-saver. All the good flavors of a rich stock, but about 23 hours and 50 minutes saved in the kitchen.”

Save Time and Savor Old Favorites with Griffith Foods Solutions

Griffith Foods marinades and seasonings can enhance nearly any cut of meat or alternative protein, while Custom Culinary concentrates work well in many sauces, soups, or glazes. Whether your goal is to up the flavor on your menu (without upping the prep time) or find new ways to enjoy classic dishes, our versatile solutions are designed to meet your needs. Contact your Griffith Foods rep or start a conversation to see how our solutions can help revolutionize your concepts.

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