Take Me Away…A Sweet, Savory, and Indulgent Escape

The Take Me Away trend is all about allowing consumers to experience other cultures through the lens of their taste buds. That means using globally inspired flavors and ingredients to create a sense of exploration and adventure. Cross-cultural or fusion-style products have become popular outlets for exploring regional flavors in new fashions, while snacking products serve as an approachable gateway for crossing new borders.

It’s Feijoada, It’s Fruit, It’s Fried

Chef Tony Fialho’s banana croquettes won’t just take you away—they’ll blow you away with their smooth, smoky feijoada filling. Made with beans, smoked sausages, peppers, onions, and garlic, the filling is simmered, smashed, and stuffed into hollowed raw banana and ready for dredging.

Chef Tony covers the banana bites with a Griffith Foods breading that makes for a crispy outside and fries to golden perfection. He brings the dish together with a bit of chimichurri and coconut cream—a combination calculated for a rich, indulgent snack influenced by Portuguese and South American cuisines.

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