Simplicity Is the Star in Japanese Cuisine

It’s hard to ignore the appeal of Japanese cuisine: Based on balance, dishes rely on simple flavor interactions and preparations that highlight essential, quality ingredients.

Japanese Food Is a Trend within Reach

  • 53% of US consumers like or love Japanese food. (Source: Datassential Flavor)
  • 42% of Mexican consumers find Japanese cuisine appealing. (Source: GlobalData Consumer Survey 2021 Q4)
  • 40% of Canadian consumers like to eat Japanese cuisine. (Source: Griffith Foods Hot & Spicy research)

As new flavor combinations and exploration continue to grow within Japanese cuisine, operators can’t go wrong with Japanese-inspired products or menu items. Harnessing the essence of this cuisine means showcasing a mix of the five basic tastes, delivering food with sophisticated flavor, and offering a light yet satisfying experience.

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