No Chicken? No Problem. Try Plant-based “Pollo Asado.”

Looking to offer creative, innovative alternatives to poultry? With a few Griffith Foods solutions, Chef Ryan presents a plant-based dish full of the flavor and texture of chicken, minus the meat.

Plant-based “chicken” products are driving innovation in the protein space as consumers increasingly seek more sustainable alternatives to poultry products. This “Pollo Asado” takes the shape of authentic chicken using a textured wheat protein, Griffith Foods binder and seasoning, water, coconut, oil, and tofu skin.

Pan-seared, smothered with Griffith Foods Smoky Chipotle Abodo Flavour Glaze, and baked to perfection…what this dish lacks in animal protein, it makes up for in flavor. Roasted vegetables tossed with Griffith Foods Red Jalapeño Salsa round out a satisfying, plant-based dish that’s simple enough for any processor or foodservice provider.

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