Ignite the Senses, One Dish at a Time

Whether they’re sharing pictures of an over-the-top dish on social media or being taken by surprise by an unexpected flavor combination, today’s consumers want meals they’ll remember. Engaging all five senses is the quickest path to memorable dining experiences that build excitement and brand loyalty.

Corporate Chef Sabrina Mirabella delivers a novel dish through shatteringly-crisp texture; bold, unexpected color; and an edible chip that looks like a mussel shell.

“The goal here is to ignite the senses through food by enhancing textures, visual appeal, and unique experiences.”

A Blank Canvas

Chefs and product developers looking to craft memorable creations can take inspiration from almost anywhere. Chef Sabrina’s mussel chips are a riff on the traditional Asian snack prawn chips. The chips are made from squid ink, starch, and ground shrimp, then are steamed, dehydrated, and fried to create an airy, savory crisp that resembles a mussel shell and serves as a blank canvas for a variety of applications.

Unexpected ingredients and a dark color offer a whimsical snacking experience for CPG brands. Toss the chips in seasonings inspired by classic mussel dishes — think paella or a savory garlic lemon butter broth — for a satisfying snack full of flavor and crunch. To take things up a notch in the foodservice sector, use the chips as an edible base for an extremely Instagramable seafood dish. 

Let’s Create Better Together

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