Griffith Foods and BlueNalu Partner to Drive Alternative Seafood Protein

Partnership to further strategic focus on alternative proteins

Griffith Foods is proud to announce a new strategic investment partnership with BlueNalu! 

BlueNalu is a leader in cellular aquaculture, using fish cells to create healthy, safe, and trusted seafood products that support the sustainability and diversity of our oceans. 

As part of this partnership, Griffith Foods will collaborate with BlueNalu to provide product development expertise, especially in food science, culinary arts, market insights and sensory optimization. 

BlueNalu President and CEO, Lou Cooperhouse, said the company is eager to work with its strategic partners to efficiently commercialize and launch cellbased seafood products in nations around the world. 

“BlueNalu has made considerable progress toward bringing cell-based seafood products to the world,” said Lou Cooperhouse, president & CEO of BlueNalu. “We have designed and executed a platform technology in which we will ultimately offer a broad array of sustainable cell-based seafood products to consumers, and our team has been extremely focused on implementing systems and processes that will be needed for cost-effective, large-scale production. 

Jim Thorne, Griffith Foods Senior Vice President of Global Strategy and Marketing, said Griffith Foods is focused on expanding its partner ecosystem to deliver on the company’s Purpose – that “We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World.”

“Griffith Foods’ partnership with with BlueNalu is consistent with our strategic direction to build new capabilities while broadening existing capabilities in the world of alternative protein,” Thorne said. “Seafood demand and consumption is at an all-time high, and it’s stressing our wild fisheries and aquaculture. As a global product development expert, we have the opportunity to leverage our combined skills and capabilities to create delicious, healthy and sustainable protein. We are thrilled to work with innovative companies like BlueNalu, nourishing the world through accessible, nutritious food for everyone.”

Working with Griffith Foods and other strategic partners supporting sustainable seafood, BlueNalu expects products to be commercially available in 2021. Find out more about BlueNalu by visiting​​​​

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