The Lost Millions: Alternative Protein White Paper

Download the white paper by clicking on this image.

Today, millions of consumers across Europe are changing their meat consumption behaviours, far more rapidly than has previously been considered by the food industry. In our exclusive report, The Lost Millions, we take an in-depth look at new consumer insights and perspectives on meat reduction and alternative proteins.

Our research team at Griffith Foods Europe collected data and insights from over 4,000 consumer residents from the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands to help identify what are the consumer approaches to reduce meat consumption and protein, and how do we identify their needs to create more opportunities.

A sneak peek into the report:

1. Casual consumers are converting to meat reduction behaviors and practices. There are millions more casual consumers already converted to significant meat reduction behaviours and practices. The vast majority have only become engaged to the movement in the last 18 months.” 

2. Intense flavours and texture matter most. Taste, specifically more intense flavours matter most. Beyond this, consumers would like flavour and texture to be more like meat, less dry with improved texture.

3. There is a need to better educate the consumer on alternative protein production. Alternative Proteins is essentially plant-based in composition and so there is an argument to start a more evolved conversation around educating the consumer on alternative protein production in more detail, including greater transparency on ingredient processing and the use of preservatives/additives, salt and sugar. 

Download the white paper here.

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