Nourishing Cuisine

Nourishing Cuisine

No longer driven exclusively by fad diets, today’s global consumers are taking a more holistic approach to health and wellness through nourishing ingredients. The ever-changing definition of “healthy” incorporates a combination of flavor, nutrition and potential functional benefits across dayparts and product categories.

In the US, where consumers are looking for foods that promote a healthy microbiome, items like sorghum puffs and probiotic-rich kimchi are making their way onto retail shelves. Consumers in the UK are interested in functional snack bars with mental health benefits, with varieties that blend nutrients with nootropics and CBD to help improve memory, creativity and relaxation.

In light of the pandemic, consumers around the world are making changes to their dining habits as they focus on improving their overall well-being. For example, the majority of adults in Saudi Arabia say that they are now regularly including immune-boosting foods like fresh fruit and zinc-rich foods in their diets. In Chile, innovative products are coming to market such as cochayuyo (seaweed) burgers, which are low in fat and calories, and high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

As consumers continue seeking a sense of comfort, they turn to traditional dishes with a functional advantage. Foods with positive nutritional attributes are a great way to capitalize on this consumer demand across foodservice segments and retail outlets alike.

Join Chef Valeria for a walk through her local farm! She’s sharing her favorite nourishing ingredients and thoughts on the role culinary professionals play as providers of simple, yet healthful cuisine to their customers.


Operators are offering more opportunities for dietary/health customizations and nutritious options that still deliver on taste.


Protein drives health associations, but consumers will expect additional functional or natural benefits to meet their holistic needs.


Snack are a great platform for providing either emotional or nutritional “pick-me-ups” with functional benefits, probiotics and immunity-boosting properties.

Culinary Inspiration

Get inspired by these on-trend concepts to create innovative offerings using Griffith Foods products. Please contact your Griffith Foods representative to learn how this trend can be customized to your product portfolio.

Turmeric and Ginger Pancakes with Fennel Pollen and Lavender-Honey

Tender chickpea pancakes, infused with turmeric, ginger, fennel pollen and aromatic lavender-honey.

Featuring: Griffith Foods Gluten-free Chickpea Pancake Batter

West African Egusi Stew

A rich West African stew of ginger, onion and garlic with red palm oil, spinach, diced chilies, moringa and dried melon seeds. Served over a bed of hearty fufu.

Featuring: Kuli KuliMoringa Powder, Griffith Foods African Soup Base and Griffith Foods West African Seasoning
TEROVA™ is part of the Griffith Foods family of companies, working with farmers around the world to implement certified, sustainable cultivation programs across a range of spices, herbs, horticultural crops and botanicals—including lavender, elderberry, oregano, sage and more.
For more information on their product offerings, please visit their website.

Kuli Kuli is our strategic partner, a mission-driven company pioneering the sustainable and healthy ingredient moringa. Known as the “Tree of Life” in ancient cultures, the moringa tree grows abundantly in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Its leaves have a green, matcha-like flavor that adds a healthful, mild burst of green to smoothies, savory dishes, sauces and more.

Culinary Perspective

In the latest episode of “The Blend by Griffith Foods,” Chef Christopher Tanner, Corporate Executive Chef for Griffith Foods US, and Chef Martha Sanchez, Executive Chef for Griffith Foods Mexico, shares tips for incorporating their favorite nutrient-dense ingredients into culinary applications, along with advice for developing nutritionally sound products that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Listen to the podcast.


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