Mighty Meat-Free Burgers

Why Alternative Protein

Simply put, the alternative protein marketplace is exploding. Over the past five years, alternative protein retail product launches are up 128%1. The soaring demand for alternative proteins can be attributed to an increased desire for health and wellness, the rising popularity of high protein, plant-based and flexitarian diets; allergy concerns; and heightened interest in sustainable environmentally-friendly foods.

What is Alternative Protein

Alternative Protein is any protein not derived from animals traditionally bred or caught for consumption. ^ Quinoa, pulses, tempeh, soybeans and other protein-rich foods qualify as alternative proteins.

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Behind the Meatless Burger Boom

Valuable Insights Into Making Meatless Burgers Work for You

Our sensory science expertise allowed us to compare characteristic of meatless burgers from retail stores including brands with highest sales, best liked and a variety of substrates and flavors. After mapping and analyzing sensory attributes and overlaying consumer focus group references as they relate to texture and flavors, we’ve zeroed in on the information you need to be successful in the plant-based burger sector. 

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Major Opportunities Through Taste and Texture

Even as alternative protein becomes mainstream, there are still challenges to overcome. The upshot is that there’s a natural opportunity for any forward-thinking brand that can create products to overcome these concerns. We’ve identified four main purchase barriers for consumers: 

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