Leading in Nutrition Science  

Griffith Foods is on a mission to develop more sustainable and nutritious products for our global customers. We are committed to optimizing the nutritional value of our own finished goods, in an effort to deliver the most optimal product. We developed new Global Nutrition Criteria to help guide the evolution of our portfolio by establishing upper limits for sodium, sugar and saturated fat along with positive nutrient targets where relevant according to the Griffith Foods’ finished goods product category.

Developing the Global Nutritional Criteria 

The Global Nutrition Criteria are standards comprised of average nutrient targets from 11 government and authoritative sources globally such as the World Health Organization, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and other federal health agencies. These standards set upper limits for sodium, sugar, and saturated fat, and minimum thresholds for positive nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, where relevant.  

By 2030, we are committed to aligning the nutritional profile of at least 50% our finished goods to the Global Nutrition Criteria. Additionally, by 2025, we will incorporate these standards into 100% of our product development processes for all innovation projects. We track this goal based on the percentage of products that meet the criteria.  

Nutritional Standards & Achievements 

In 2023, we have exceeded our goal of 50% of all finished goods meeting at least one of our five key attributes for positive Health and Nutrition. We define these five areas as follows:  

  • Organic: Includes certified organic ingredients
  • Reduction: Reducing fat, sugar, and sodium
  • Fortification: Adding ingredients with specific nutrition benefits, such as vitamins, minerals or fiber
  • Clean Label: Without any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or synthetic components
  • Elimination: Removing ingredients that have been shown to negatively impact health

Commitment to Health & Nutrition  

We strive to be the premier partner in creating sustainable, nutritious products. Our dedication to developing the Global Nutrition Criteria and achieving our Health and Nutrition goals drives innovation and the transition to planet-friendly, delicious offerings that support human health.  

We have also increased our nutrition-oriented investment through participation in external associations such as the Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences. This ensures we stay at the forefront of scientific advancements and best practices in the nutrition field. 

At Griffith Foods, we are dedicated to driving positive change in the food industry, ensuring our products not only meet, but exceed nutritional standards for the benefit of consumers worldwide.