Hurricane Otis Disaster Relief

Group of factory employees packing porridge and waving

A massive category 5 hurricane hit the port of Acapulco, Mexico, on October 25, 2023. The destruction in the area was enormous, and the need for water and food was vast. As the community planned the recovery of houses, hotels, and the port, Griffith Foods Monterrey stepped in to help.

Within a few days of the disaster, the Griffith Foods Monterrey plant delivered 450,000 servings (4.5 tons) of Griffith Foods fortified porridge to support the people and the communities in the affected area. We packed the porridge in 1 kilogram bags to help with easy distribution. The production and packing are the result of work from dry-blend workers and the support of 70 volunteers from different areas of Griffith Foods. We worked with the Banco de Alimentos to ensure the porridge was delivered to those who needed it most.