Environmental Classroom Made From Plastic Waste in Colombia 

In 2023, we proudly delivered “Laboratorio de los Sueños,” an innovative environmental classroom at the Isidoro School in El Rosario de Marinilla, built entirely from recycled plastic waste. This initiative, marking our fourth iteration of the project and second classroom delivered, serves move than 40 students, providing a sustainable and dynamic learning environment. 

In collaboration with the “Planeta Verde” cooperative and “Botellas de Amor” foundation, we collected 300 tons of recyclable plastic waste and transformed much of it into the classroom building and its furnishings. Additionally, we supplied 47 school kits and equipped a comprehensive library, reinforcing our commitment to educational enhancement through sustainable practices. 

“We’re proud to enhance El Rosario de Marinilla’s learning spaces, reinforcing our comprehensive approach that merges environmental, economic, and social contributions to nourish lives,” said Zayda Martínez, general manager of Griffith Foods for the Andean Region.