A Taste of New Snacking Habits

Snacking is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle shift. As the lines between dayparts continue to blur, consumers are fueling up with more frequent snacks rather than formal full-sized meals. In the US And Canada, egg-based snacks take breakfast from morning to anytime—hard-boiled eggs with crispy seasoning “dips” and portable protein-rich egg bites can be found on retail shelves. Also on the protein side, Chinese tuna puffs and Thai crispy chicken sticks showcase unique formats within the meat snack category.

Clean, functional labeling is another major initiative. Many brands are extending on-pack claims to cover immunity support, anti-stress benefits and energy boosts. They’re also showcasing ingredients that fit into popular lifestyle diets. A Lebanese hummus snack bar touts its short ingredient label, along with “superfood” and high-protein claims. In Thailand, a dried banana snack contains serotonin, purported to provide relaxation and relief from insomnia. And, a gluten-free protein ball in Germany is made with maitake mushroom to support the immune system.

The popularity of snacking extends into the foodservice space, too. Cuisines rich in street foods are naturally primed to meet the needs of snackers. Traditional Indian dishes (such as pani puri, aloo chaat and samosas) and Brazilian bites (including cod croquettes, goat cheese and artichokes) showcase mouthwatering flavors in small packages. One fast casual restaurant in the UK serves up vegan dishes like mac and “cheeze” bites and truffle street-corn ribs that straddle the line between permissible and indulgent snacking. The trend comes full circle in the US, where a classic cheese puff snack has been transformed into the coating for boneless chicken wings.

Convenient, portable and satisfying—snackable options that satiate are here to stay!

3 Trends to Watch

Cooking with Purpose

The popularity of snacking goes to show that big flavors can come in small packages. Chef Mark Serice is here with an Indian-inspired recipe that showcases on-trend flavor, convenience and portability—all key attributes of the snacking way of life. Watch as he prepares Soy-Skin-Wrapped Dumplings, savory tofu skin pockets stuffed with curried sweet potato, pan-fried to a perfect crisp and served with a tamarind and turmeric root chutney.

Segment Snapshot

Culinary Inspiration

Get inspired by these on-trend concepts to create innovative offerings using products from Griffith Foods.

Soy-Skin-Wrapped Dumplings

Flavorful plant-based dumplings featuring a savory filling of curried sweet potato, stuffed into tofu skins, perfectly pan-fried and served with a tamarind and turmeric root chutney.

Featuring: Griffith Foods Indian-style Spice Rub, Griffith Foods Tamarind and Turmeric Chutney

Palak Paneer Paratha Crisps

Flaky and crunchy paratha crisps, seasoned with a shake-on spinach curry spice blend for a savory, mouthwatering taste inspired by a classic North Indian entrée.

Featuring: Griffith Foods North Indian Spinach Curry Seasoning, Griffith Foods Paratha Dough Blend

Chef Tip

Many consumers want their snacks to serve as meals across dayparts. Be sure to consider the appropriate balance of ingredients and culinary elements to create satisfying dishes, focusing on attributes such as portion size and nutrient density. For example, transform a burrito into a bite-sized empanada with healthier ingredient substitutions that offer the same flavor profile.”
–Chef Mark Serice, Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods

Ingredient Production, Without the Waste

Griffith Sustainably Sourced (GSS), our strategic sourcing program, creates farm-level integration of our supply chain to increase the amount of raw materials sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, improve the well-being of farmers and enable farm-to-table traceability. As an example, Griffith Foods sources more Indian chiles than any other spice or herb. Through our partnership with chili farmers in India, farmers gain better cultivation practices to grow sustainable yields, enhance soil management and reduce crop waste. And because we purchase directly, the farmers are better compensated for their crops. Visit the GSS website to learn more about how we create shared value for our customers, our partners and the environment.

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Source: Mintel, 2022 FlavorIQ® Global Trends and Insights Report, January 2022.

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