Savoring Spice: Chef Adam Wright’s Tom Yum Coconut Sundae

Chef Adam Wright is bringing innovation to your dessert table with his latest creation – the Tom Yum Coconut Sundae. This exotic and mouth-watering treat is crafted with a vegan ice cream base that sets the stage for the extraordinary flavors.

The secret ingredients? Rich coconut milk, Griffith Foods’ signature Tom Yum seasoning, and the irresistible Honey Sriracha Caramel. Adding a touch of texture to the sundae, Chef Adam introduces a unique spicy honey, black sesame, and wonton wrapper combination.

And what’s a sundae without a touch of the unexpected? Chef Adam introduces caramelized pineapple, torched to perfection with a combination of brown sugar and Griffith Foods’ Tom Yum seasoning.

Chef Adam’s Tom Yum Coconut Sundae is a testament to the endless possibilities that emerge when culinary expertise meets innovative flavor combinations. Griffith Foods continues to push the boundaries of taste, and this dessert is an example of Griffith Foods’ commitment to reimagining recipes for a more exciting and delicious future.

Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey with Chef Adam Wright and savor the unique blend of Tom Yum Yum.

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