Chef Ryan Shares His Take on the Fermented Future with His Plant-Based Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek Ravioli

Chef Ryan Flick, Corporate Executive Chef at Griffith Foods, takes us on a culinary journey into the fermented future as part of the Flavor IQ 2024 Food and Flavor Outlook. 

Chef Ryan introduces a plant-based twist on a classic with his red wine braised beef cheek ravioli. Drawing parallels between pasta-making and fermentation, he emphasizes the shared elements of time, precision, and love required to perfect both. 

The dish, a Plant-Based Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek Ravioli, with its textured proteins, mirrors the soft and fibrous texture of slow-cooked braised beef cheeks. Chef Ryan utilizes Griffith Foods’ simulated beef seasoning and a custom culinary vegan brown gravy to recreate the intense braised beef flavor. Departing from traditional ingredients, he opts for twice-fermented grape pumice puree and miso paste, adding depth without extra salt and enhancing umami. 

The result is a culinary masterpiece that showcases the exciting potential of fermented ingredients, offering a delightful and complex yet simple dining experience.

FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program

At Griffith Foods, we turn insights and culinary creativity into new opportunities with our FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program. Through our annual culinary theme program, we curated a list of key culinary themes that reflect the food industry’s current state and our prediction for what’s next. Learn more about our program and themes here.

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