Chef Minsu’s Ode to Potato Ongsimi-Tteokguk

Chef Minsu, a culinary technician at Griffith Foods, introduces a vegetable-centric dish inspired by Korean culture, where vegetables truly take the spotlight as the main ingredient.  

Watch as she transforms the traditional Potato Ongsimi-Tteokguk into a modern dish that beautifully encapsulates the essence of our FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program theme, Rooting for Vegetables. Chef Minsu meets us at the intersection of innovation and tradition, where vegetables take center stage. 

Fusion of Flavors and Tradition  

Incorporating elements of Korean cuisine and using Griffith Foods’ products like the Vegetable Protein Binder and the Gochujang Seasoning, Chef Minsu creates a harmonious blend of flavors that elevates the dish. The fusion of traditional and modern culinary influences showcases the adaptability of vegetables as the star of the plate. 

“Using Griffith vegetable binder, it turns the potato into a perfect ball and gives a nice texture similar with rice cake or gnocchi.”

Chef Minsu

A Fresh Perspective on Vegetable-Centric Dishes  

Chef Minsu’s approach to vegetable-based dishes goes beyond the ordinary, offering a refreshing take on how vegetables can be transformed into culinary delights. Through the exploration of textures, flavors, and cultural influences, she invites us to rediscover the versatility and importance of vegetables in our meals. 

“The texture of the potato ball and umami broth will make you warm and hearty.”

Chef Minsu

FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program 

At Griffith Foods, we turn insights and culinary creativity into new opportunities with our FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program. Through our annual culinary theme program, we curated a list of key culinary themes that reflect the food industry’s current state and our prediction for what’s next. Learn more about our program and themes here

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