Churrasco-style Picanha with Chimichurri Celebrates Fire and Flavor

Different regions celebrate different types of meat, cooking methods, and flavors when it comes to barbecue. However, everyone can agree on one thing across regions — it’s globally inspired and always delicious.

Chef Jaime offers a taste of Brazilian-inspired barbecue with this churrasco-style picanha with chimichurri. The dish encompasses every element of exceptional barbecue: meat, fire, technique, and flavor.

Chef Jaime's Churrasco-style Picanha with Chimichurri

Meat Selection: Where Barbecue Begins

In the world of barbecue, the choice of protein is pivotal. Most barbecue preparations center around the type and cut of meat. Dishes can feature a range of options, including brisket, pork or beef ribs, chicken wings, and pulled pork shoulder.

Picanha, the top portion of the Sirloin Roast, is the centerpiece in Chef Jaime’s barbeque creation. The muscle’s limited activity makes the cut especially tender compared to parts that are used more regularly. It also boasts a thick fat cap that helps maintain that tenderness throughout cooking. Together, these traits lend the meat perfectly to skewering and grilling over open flames.

Fire and Technique Ensure a Tender, Juicy Roast

In Brazil, churrasco-style picanha is the most preferred preparation. This time-honored technique yields flavorful results as the fat cap melts and an open flame infuses the skewered meat with irresistible smokiness.

This Brazilian barbecue cooking method involves flipping the roast fat-side down and cutting along the grain to produce several steaks that are a few inches thick. These cuts are then skillfully folded into a “C” shape and securely threaded onto skewers to retain their form during the grilling process.

Before placing the meat upon the hottest part of the grill, the seasoning is simple: just a hint of coarse salt. The skewers meet the grill’s searing heat briefly before cooking over indirect heat and finally resting before they’re ready for serving.

Elevate Each Bite with a Succulent Sauce

Churrasco-style picanha pairs perfectly with chimichurri, a classic accompaniment for grilled and smoked meats. A combination of Griffith Foods Chimichurri Seasoning, fresh lime juice, cilantro, and olive oil makes for a tangy sauce that helps cut through the meat’s richness and push its bold flavor to the forefront. It delivers a burst of flavors that harmonize with the grilled picanha as the brightness of the herbs and complexity of the acid draw on all the senses.

Capitalize on Seasoning in Barbecue and Beyond

Pairing churrasco-style picanha with a chimichurri sauce celebrates grilled perfection and artful flavor combination. Yet the possibilities don’t stop there. The versatility of the Griffith Foods Chimichurri Seasoning allows for endless creativity, whether as a sauce base, marinade, or dressing. The seasoning also works wonders on its own, transforming fish, chicken, beef, pork, and lamb with its enchanting, bright, and tangy flavor.

Whatever meat and technique of choice, your imagination is the limit when it comes to elevating proteins. If you’re looking for a creative way to take your product or concept to the finish line with exceptional flavor, we’ll create the solution to take you there.

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