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Our Leadership

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The Leaders Charged with Delivering Our Best to You

The leadership team at Griffith Foods is driven by a shared Purpose and committed to leading by example. Our leaders are focused on the wellbeing of Griffith employees, maintaining responsible stewardship of the planet, and supporting our customers’ success.

Meet our leaders:

Brian Griffith: Chairman of the Board
TC Chatterjee: Chief Executive Officer
Matt West: Executive Vice President and CFO
Joe Maslick: Board Member and CFO
Jennifer Convery: Group President, North America
Stélios Paschalidis: President, Europe
Oscar Lizarazu: President, Central & South America 
Eugenio Torres: President, Asia Pacific

Brian Griffith
Chairman of the Board

Brian is the fourth-generation family member to lead Griffith Foods. He has worked in the food industry for almost three decades, with more than 20 years of service at Griffith. Throughout his tenure with the company, Brian has held diverse leadership positions within Griffith and Custom Culinary, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, including management roles in Europe, Asia and North America. From 2005 until 2014, he led our teams in the dynamic Asia Pacific markets, served as Vice Chairman and Group President for Central and South America, Asia Pacific, and India - Middle East for Griffith. In 2015, Brian began leading Griffith Foods as Executive Chairman.

Over the past four years, he has spearheaded a team to establish form and structure in Griffith’s sustainability platform of People, Planet and Performance, and apply it across all business units worldwide. In the coming years, he will continue guiding the organization to develop new shared value opportunities and promote a Purpose-driven strategy that supports the community and preserves the planet while fostering continued successful performance.

Brian earned a B.A. in International Political Science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management.

TC Chatterjee
Chief Executive Officer

TC Chatterjee was named Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Before becoming CEO, TC held positions as Chief Operating Officer, as well as Group President across some of Griffith's fastest growing regions, including Central and South America, Asia Pacific, and India - Middle East, as well as Custom Culinary, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffith Foods.

“Griffith’s global footprint and our ability to add value to our customers and their customers through our expertise and experience in food science, culinary arts, sensory and consumer insight help us offer a range of capabilities to enable our customers’ growth and innovation. We are proud of our ability to provide these locally as well as globally."

Matt West
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Matt West joined Griffith Foods in 2017 as Chief Financial Officer following a 27-year Finance career in global food and consumer products companies. Matt leads the planning and strategy for Griffith’s financial performance as well as the company’s funding and investment strategies.

“At Griffith Foods™, we operate in numerous countries that each have strong opportunities to grow our business. Our cashflow and capital investments are the fuel for our growth,” Matt said. “In Finance, we balance the reinvestment of company profits with funding from our financial partners to support the best business opportunities around the world. My team and I put it all together.”

Joe Maslick
Board Member & Chief Financial Officer

As Griffith Foods’ Chief Financial Officer, Joe manages the company’s funding, liquidity and investment strategies.

“With Griffith Foods operating in numerous countries with units of varying sizes and maturity, capital is always needed to help customers grow,” says Joe. “Accessing the right liquidity sources calls for a unique strategy that balances institutional, commercial and private equities. My responsibility is to put it all together.”

Jennifer Convery
Group President, North America

In leading Griffith North America, Jennifer brings dynamic management skills and a passionate commitment to improving all aspects of commercial and manufacturing operations. The results provide customers with higher quality products, a team approach to identifying and delivering solutions, more responsive service and a better overall business experience.
“I have worked to make that a focal point for our North American teams, and that is a key reason for our ongoing success.”

Stélios Paschalidis
President, Europe

As leader of our European business unit, Stélios spends much of his time and energy ensuring that his team stays in touch with evolving customer needs, food trends and product development technologies.

"My goal is to offer our customers a dynamic organization that is flexible, entrepreneurial and highly responsive to their needs," says Stélios. "There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a satisfied customer with a winning product in the marketplace and knowing that our team played a big part in its success."

Oscar Lizarazu
President, Central & South America

As an organizational leader with a food science background, Oscar intimately understands the customer’s development challenges. He uses his unique perspective to ensure his team is meeting specific customer needs at every level.

President of the Central and South America group since 2007, Oscar makes a point to regularly meet with customers. “I like to talk one-to-one with customers so I personally hear and understand their ideas and challenges,” he says. “It helps our team focus on how we can best bring critical value to their products – to increase their profits, improve customer satisfaction and create real market advantages."

Eugenio Torres
President, Asia Pacific

Since joining Griffith Foods™ in 1983 as leader of R&D and later becoming president of Griffith Mexico in 1998, and most recently Griffith Asia Pacific in 2013, Eugenio has focused on driving the company to ever higher standards of excellence in quality and customer service. New processes have been implemented to ensure that operational execution is improved, response times are shortened and customers receive exactly what is promised, without exception.

“The customer,” reminds Eugenio, “is always right. We are in a service business, and it’s a privilege for us to work with them. We will honor their commitment to us by giving them our best, every day.”