What is ConSensUs Mapping?

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Developing products that satisfy consumers and drive business impact is both an art and a science. Our proprietary, data-driven product development process is based on the science and insights that drive flavor, texture, and appearance acceptability — allowing you to go to market with confidence.

ConSensUs Mapping elevates the traditional product development process by targeting consumer preferences within a product category. From improving existing products to identifying white space opportunities, ConSensUs Mapping combines consumer insights and sensory findings to help partners develop products that consumers love.

What Does ConSensUs Mapping Mean?

A ConSensUs Map overlays consumer insights onto a sensory map to create an informative, directive, and predictive model. It provides a comprehensive picture of a particular product category and highlights development opportunities.

Sensory Science: Product Definition

A traditional sensory map shows certain attributes of products within a category, including specific characteristics that define the products’ appearance, flavor, and texture.

Our professional panel of sensory experts is trained on defining such product attributes for the base of a ConSensUs Map. Our proprietary analysis tool uses that information to create a map that displays how products within a category compare and what sensory characteristics are responsible for similarities and differences between products.

Consumer Insights: Product Likeability

Overlaying consumer insights on a sensory map tells us how consumers feel about the particular characteristics of the products we’re mapping within a category. This is what differentiates a ConSensUs Map from a traditional sensory map. Not only do we get an idea of how products compare, but also which attributes are driving consumer preference.

But what about “Us?”

Creating better together.

Our ConSensUs Maps and product development would not exist without the cross-functional collaboration of our sensory science, consumer insights, culinary, and food science teams. Working together to unveil product characteristics, consumer preferences, and realistic opportunities creates a synergy that propels us to turn those opportunities into products that satisfy consumers. Combining product characteristics and consumer preferences provides direction for product development, while culinary and food science experts take that inspiration to the finish line by creating new products consumers love.

Example of a ConSensUs Map
Example of a ConSensUs Map

What Does ConSensUs Mean for You?

ConSensUs Mapping is a proprietary, data-driven solution used to understand product categories and help partners take an efficient and consumer-driven approach to product development. Whether this means optimizing a product that already exists in the market or developing one to take advantage of whitespace opportunities, we use ConSensUs Maps to determine the best approach to product innovation. This means we’re providing you with new solutions that are supported by science, proven through research, and elevated with creativity.

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