Seasonings Containing Certified Sustainable Ingredients

Seasonings Contain Certified Sustainable Ingredients

Consumers have questions about the ingredients in the products they eat. Increasingly consumers want to know how the ingredients were grown and where they come from.

We have designed this product with their concerns in mind to provide information on the ingredients we use that have been certified sustainable by an independent third party.

How Do We Measure Sustainability in our Ingredients?

  • Through the sustainable certifications the ingredient has obtained.
  • 20% of our globally sourced ingredients have been certified sustainable by a third party (1- list of approved certifications by Griffith Foods).
  • We can design select products to use certified sustainable ingredients.
  • Terova Sourced- A number of our ingredients are sourced through our subsidiary company, Terova, and are traceable from the field to our factory.


Terova works directly with those farmers training them on good agriculture practices, reducing chemical inputs and introducing regenerative agriculture practices. Terova helps prepare the farmers to be certified sustainable from an independent third party. Visit:


With certified sustainable ingredients, and sourcing ingredients through Terova, we offer information for customers on the types of certifications and their standards for how the certified sustainable ingredients are grown and processed.

Can a claim be made on pack?

We can work with your local regulatory and legal team to assess and provide information on any sustainability claims you would like to make on your product that include information about the certified sustainable ingredients in our product.

Product Portfolio

  • Garlic Chili Crunch
  • Paprika & Chili
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  • And many more custom blends!


For a list of certified sustainable ingredients and their corresponding certifications, please contact us.

Why Choose Griffith Foods’ Seasoning Containing Certified Sustainable Ingredients?

Satisfy consumers’ craving for taste and environmental, social and ethical responsibility


It’s good for the planet and using certified sustainable ingredients helps provide information consumers are seeking. The long-term benefit, of course, is that when consumer and product values are aligned, loyalty, trust and relationships are forged. And that is the beauty of this story – regardless of price.


1- Includes Fair Trade Certified, Forestry Stewardship Council, GLOBALG.A.P., Marine Stewardship Council, Muddy Boots, ProTerra, SAI Platform (FSA) Silver, Rainforest Alliance, Red Tractor, RSPO, RTRS, and USDA/EU Organic

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