From Plan to Plate

Culinary expertise and knowledge are at the heart of everything we do. Consumers demand constant creativity and reinvention – that’s where our chefs, as specialists in seasonings, sauces, dressings, and coatings, help our customers grow their brand and portfolios. Our strength lies in collaboration, bringing together our entire product development teams with customers to introduce new flavours, ideas, and concepts. We understand how to elevate food and create meaningful dining experiences.

Global Network of Chefs

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John Feeney

Regional Director of Culinary Innovation

John Feeney is the Culinary and Innovation Director for Griffith Foods Europe. John began his interest in culinary at a young age, working in some of the most prestigious hotels in London, top tier events, international cruise ships, and even private yachts as a personal chef. He then worked in Switzerland as a chef lecturer, mentoring, training, and inspiring others, eventually moving back to England to develop his executive career. He is a Master Chef of the Great Britain Association, a member of the Craft Guild of Chefs, Director & Creator of the Universal Cookery Food Festival UK, and winner of several awards, including Chef of the Year for Gold Nestle UK Foodservice and Craft Guild of Chefs Development Chef of the Year.

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Andy Jones

Corporate Executive Chef

Andy Jones is the Senior Development Chef for the UK and Ireland. Growing up in Sheffield, he worked at various hotels and restaurants after school, eventually moving to catering at Chatsworth house for the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. From there, Andy worked for the legendary Chef Albert Roux at the prestigious five-star Grand Hotel in Amsterdam and later in his first development kitchen at the House of Albert Roux, supplying outside catering for F1 racing, horse racing, and charity events, as well as the famous Michelin two-star Le Gavroche restaurant in London. Today, Andy is a member of Master Chefs of Great Britain and is a Development Chef at Griffith Foods, where he develops and innovates retail portfolios, including BBQ, RTC, and Christmas, and works closely with the R&D, marketing, and insights teams.

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Lewis Lancaster

Junior development chef

Lewis Lancaster is a Junior Development Chef for Griffith Foods, where he supports the development of sauces, seasoning, and dressing for the UK and European market in the RTC, RTE, BBQ, sous-vide, and rotisserie categories. He earned a Level 3 professional chef diploma and spent time working for various hotels and restaurants, eventually becoming a chef de partie. Lewis is a member of the European Chef Council (ECC) and is currently working towards a degree in professional practice in food technology.

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Bram Buijks

Development Chef

Bram Buijks is a Development Chef in Northern Europe and has worked for Griffith Foods for 14 years. Originally from Belgium, he spent eight years as a chef in one- and two-star Michelin restaurants across Belgium, France, and Spain. He also led a hobby cook school for 15 years in his hometown of Antwerp. Today, Bram works on new developments, participates in marketing programs, and conducts customer presentations to help elevate culinary in every part of the Griffith Foods business.

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Berten Bos

Development Chef

Berten Boss is a Culinary Technologist, R&D for Griffith Foods in Belgium. Berten began working in a restaurant kitchen at the age of 14, eventually attending cooking school and studying hotel management in Antwerp. He opened his first gastronomic restaurant when he turned 21 and later opened two more — one of which scored 13/20 in the Gault/Millau. Experienced in product development, financial insights, sales, marketing, and HR, Berten is also a freelance catering manager for Warner Bros for large productions mostly in Asia.

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Jordi Gallego

Corporate Executive Chef

Jordi Gallego is a Senior Development Chef for Griffith Foods South Europe. A native of Northwest Spain, he has spent more than 35 years in the food industry, gaining a strong culinary background from his family heritage and adopted Mediterranean food culture after moving to Tarragona. Today, Jordi showcases Griffith Foods’ culinary approach by developing innovative and relevant concepts that contribute to customer success.

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Joe Kuechenmeister

Director of Culinary

Joe Kuechenmeister is the Director of Culinary for Griffith Foods US, working to coordinate team activities that drive business in a purposeful way with customers across segments and professional channels. Previously, he worked as a restaurant/R&D chef in NYC for 12 years and was a Liquids Research Chef when he first joined Griffith Foods. He is a Certified Research Chef, member, and certification committee member of the Research Chefs Association.

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Martha Sanchez

Corporate Chef

Martha Sánchez is the Executive Chef for Griffith Foods in Mexico, where she focuses on creating sustainable, competitive, and differentiated products based on the company’s mission to nourish the world. Martha excels in both cuisine and confectionary and nurtures her love for both through travel. She holds a number of culinary certifications; has participated in several culinary competitions; and is a member of Vatel Club México, the Academie Culinaire de France, and Maestros Cocineros de México.

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Jonathan Heeter

Corporate Chef

Jonathan Heeter is a Corporate Chef for Griffith Foods, where he works hand-in-hand with each division to demonstrate, scale, and refine innovative trends and products that have a global impact on both customers and consumers. Jonathan developed his love for food growing up in Bordeaux, France, eventually moving to America, studying at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, and taking on roles as Chef De Partie, saucier, and pastry chef for various top-rated properties. He is a member of the Research Chefs Association and Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs.

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Ricky Troche

Sous Chef

Ricky Troche is a Sous Chef for Griffith Foods US, acting as the “bridge” for all Alsip, IL-based chefs to better serve customers (both internally and externally) through gold standard development, ideations, working sessions, customer visits, and culinary center and kitchen management. He is an ACF Certified Culinarian and a first-place winner at the 2019 Bell Flavors Spark Ignite Cooking Competition.

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Dennis Girik

Technical Manager Culinary Innovation

Dennis Girik is a Technical Manager in the Culinary Department for Griffith Foods US, where he leads culinary innovation and rapid prototyping. Born in Ukraine, Dennis showed a passion for cooking at a young age, beginning his career after graduating from Vladimir State Culinary College in Russia with honors. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Moscow College of Agriculture, he moved to the US to work at various restaurants, eventually earning a degree in food science from the University of Illinois and a master’s in business management in 2003. His almost 20 years of experience includes roles in product development at Unilever, flavor applications at Givaudan, and product development and culinary with Griffith Foods, where he helped pioneer culinology as the first Certified Research Chef with the Griffith US.

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Timothy Baran

Corporate Chef

Timothy Baran is a Corporate Chef for Griffith Foods US, where he creates and refines culinary-inspired products, working with R&D to bring them to commercialization. He has worked in many areas of the industry, including fine dining, teaching, and competing professionally, including four ACF competitions and one WACS competition. He is a member of the ACF and RCA, a National Champion Official apprentice for the ACF Culinary Team USA, and an Official apprentice for the ACF Certified Master Chef exam.

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Christopher Tanner

Corporate Executive Chef

Christopher Tanner is the Corporate Executive Chef for Griffith Foods US, where he inspires new concepts for the company’s retail and protein customers. Christopher is a highly experienced and decorated chef, having held many roles at restaurants and institutions across the nation. He has been a member of the American Culinary Federation since 1995, holds 50 culinary competition medals, is a Certified Culinary Educator and Judge, and holds three ACF Presidential coins and one medallion, among other accolades.

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Nehemiah Lim

Corporate Chef

Nehemiah Lim is a Corporate Chef for Griffith Foods Canada. His Chinese heritage and Canadian upbringing have exposed him to many different ethnic cuisines from various chefs. He attended George Brown College for culinary management and is currently enrolled at the University of Guelph in food science courses. Nehemiah is also an Ontario Certified Red Seal 415A – Cook Br. 2 from the Ontario Colleges of Trades.

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Ryan Flick

Corporate Executive Chef

Ryan Flick is a Certified Research Chef for Griffith Foods Canada. A native of Toronto, Ryan spent eight years in the United Kingdom gaining hands-on experience in classical French/European cuisine at Relais & Chateaux properties and a one-star Michelin restaurant. He holds a food science certificate from the University of Guelph and is a member of RCA and IFT. He has also worked as a Culinary Development Manager for Obsidian Group, managing development for four foodservice brands across 130+ restaurants.

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Adam Wright

Corporate Chef

Adam Wright is a Corporate Chef for the Griffith Foods culinary team in the Scarborough area of Toronto. Adam is a cross-functional corporate chef who collaborates with R&D, sales, and marketing to develop Griffith Foods products with care and creativity to achieve sustainable solutions that help customers grow and nourish the world. With culinary education from schools like the University of Guelph and George Brown College, Adam has developed a keen interest in food systems and sustainable commerce to ensure future generations have access to healthy food. He has been a member of the RCA since 2005 and was a conference speaker at the RCA/George Brown College collaboration for ethnic cuisine.

  • Davide Bossi

    Regional Director of Culinary CASA
  • Daniel Roseira

    Corporate Chef Technical
  • Valeria Hernandez

    Corporate Executive Chef
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Davide Bossi

Regional Director of Culinary CASA

Davide Bossi is the Regional Director of Culinary for the Central and South America region. Originally from Italy, Davide began his culinary career by studying at the French Culinary Institute of Istres after earning undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Milano and the University of Roma. Davide has been a chef for two Michelin-star restaurants, a teacher/chef of culinary arts at Escuela Gastronomica de Occidente in Colombia, and an ambassador in the Internations Expat Association. He is also the founder and CEO of Davide Bossi Chef consulting company of culinary arts.

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Daniel Roseira

Corporate Chef Technical

Daniel Roseira is an Executive Chef in Brazil for Griffith Foods. Daniel developed a love for cooking at a young age, going on to study food engineering at the Engineering School Mauá, as well as gastronomy at the University of Guarulhos. He led one of the most successful Innovation Days for McDonald’s, where he was responsible for coordinating the presentation, development of the concepts presented, and approval for several products while building relationships with the customer’s innovation team.

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Valeria Hernandez

Corporate Executive Chef

Valeria Hernandez is the Executive Chef for the Central American and Caribbean regions. Originally from Costa Rica, Valeria’s journey as a chef began in hotels and restaurants, evolving to the food preparation industry and business. She is an active member of the National Association of Chefs of Costa Rica and was a judge for the Burger Rocks- Pizza Rocks- Boca Rocks social activities with the National Board of Children.

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Jomi Gaston

Regional Director of Culinary APAC, Custom Culinary

Jomi Gaston is the Director of Culinary for Griffith Foods APAC. Jomi began his culinary career in his home country of the Philippines after graduating from the Culinary Institute of American in New York. Since spending time in different countries within APAC, he has developed a deep appreciation for different cultures, gaining a unique understanding of the people, their preferences, needs, and aspirations, which has in turn influenced his culinary path.

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Calvin Tsoi

Director of Culinary

Calvin Tsoi is the Marketing Culinary and Innovation Director for Griffith Foods in Hong Kong. Since 1996, he has achieved a number of awards and certifications, most notably including the gold medal at Millennium Creating Cooking Competition by Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 1999, the bronze medal at the 6th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine in 2008, a Certificate of Master Chef Course in Chinese Cuisine at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute, and a Certification of International Master Chef for Chinese Cuisine by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine. Calvin was also an adjust professor for the hotel management faculty at the Tourism College of Zhejiang, China in 2005.

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Siddharth Raghavan

Director of Culinary

Siddarth Raghaven is a Culinary Director in Bangkok, where he works to strengthen culinary capability. Siddarth has 13 years of experience from Unilever, where he worked all over the world, holding roles as an innovation chef, formulation chef, and SEAA regional lead chef. He was also a trainer for dry product development in the Unilever Culinary Academy.

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Ratchaphong Katerung

Corporate Chef

Ratchaphong Katerung is a Corporate Chef for Griffith Foods in Thailand. He began his career as a chef assistant in Hotel Plaza Athenee in Bangkok before taking a role as a lecturer for Food and Nutrition and Quality Control at Rajamangala Institute of Technology. Ratchaphong joined Griffith Foods in 2004, where he currently works on SEA projects for QSRs and processors, focusing primarily on the Thai market. He holds a bachelor’s degree in home economics from Rajamangala Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in food catering technology from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. His many accomplishments and awards include preparing lunch for Her Royal Highness Princess Sirinthorn, winning the National Thai Food competition at Kasetsart University with CPF in 2001, winning the Thai Food Development contest for the National Council of Women in Thailand in 2003, and winning the White Box a la Carte competition at THAIFEX-World of Food Asia in 2005.

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Jaturon Sunyapong

Business Development Chef

Jaturon Sunyapong is a Business Development Chef for Griffith Foods in Thailand. He has a culinary background as a hotel kitchen chef for 14 years in Chicago and San Francisco, moving on to become the Executive Chef in a five-star hotel in Thailand and a Bestfoods Thailand Executive Chef after that. He was the Unilever Foodsolution Thailand Executive Chef for nine years and the Food Innovation and Quality Assurance Director for five years at Yum! Restaurants Thailand before joining Griffith Foods in 2013.

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Nikul Phayungpong

Culinary Manager

Nikul Phayungpong is a Culinary Manager for Griffith Foods, where he adds a signature touch to featured items and offerings his team has developed. Nikul also has admirable experience in both Tex-Mex and Japanese cuisine varieties. He is a member of the Thailand Chefs Association and was ranked a Top Ten MasterChef Thailand in 2018.

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Kano Shunsuke

Corporate Chef

Kano Shunsuke is a Corporate Chef for Griffith Foods in Japan. Shunsuke grew up in Hokkaido, where he grew up watching cooking shows and reading recipe books from a young age. He earned a diploma in advanced culinary arts with business management from Musashino Cooking Academy in Tokyo, where he currently resides. After graduating, Shunsuke worked for a Michelin-starred French restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, later moving on to study a variety of cuisines in Australia and joining Griffith Foods in 2015. He holds a cooking license, a food coordinator certificate, and membership in the All Japan Chefs Association (a part of the World Association of Chefs Societies).

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Bell Tang

Culinary Innovation Consultant

Bell Tang is a Culinary Innovation Consultant for Griffith Foods. He lives in Shanghai and has traveled extensively, helping him broaden his views and culinary inspiration. Bell attended the Culinary Institute with a major in western cuisine and has 20 years of experience as an executive sous chef in five-star hotels.

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Jacky Song

Corporate Chef

Jacky Song is an Innovation Culinary Chef for Griffith China. Based in Shanghai, Jacky has experience with Western-style cuisine infused with local taste and works to make new, creative concepts come to life. Jacky previously worked for Disneyland/John Georges in Shanghai and is a certified Senior Technician from Western Culinary Institute.

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Colin Yang

Corporate Chef

ColinJun Yang is an Innovation Chef for Griffith Foods – China, where he develops innovative foods for QSR brands, especially YUM China. He received a gold medal in the One Belt And One Road intercity cooking exchange competition (2018), a gold medal in the 2018 China skill competition, and achieve a second place at the Lai Shengqing China cooking skill competition.

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Dillon Yao

Corporate Chef

Dillon Yao is the Innovation Chef Director of Griffith Foods’ China Unit. Based in Shanghai, Dillon leads the team of chefs who manage all brand food innovations for greater China. He holds a certificate from the American Culinary Institute of seven days of culinary training, is a Senior Technician of Western Cuisine, and a member of the China Cuisine Association.

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Toni Griggs

Account Executive – Culinary, Grifm Culinary

Chef Toni Griggs is an Account Executive – Culinary at Grifm Culinary, a joint venture servicing the QSR markets in Australia and New Zealand through Culinary & Technical expertise. Before joining Grifm, she traveled across the continent, working for over 10 years in a range of high-end restaurants and five star hotels leveraging her expertise in European cuisine while experiencing local fare from across the continent. She holds a degree in Food Science and Nutrition from William Angliss Institute and holds a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery from Chisholm Institute. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), and is a past winner of AIFST Student Product Development.

  • Nitin Puri

    Director of Culinary India
  • Girish Kumar

    Director of Culinary Middle East
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Nitin Puri

Director of Culinary India

Nitin Puri is the Director of Culinary for Griffith Foods India. A native of Delhi, he has worked in various cities within India, as well as internationally, acquiring diverse culinary knowledge to create recipes that invite a fusion of flavors. Nitin’s 21 years of experience across various organizations lends well to his role at Griffith Foods, where he creates product differentiation through customer-focused solutions. He holds a degree in hotel management from IHM – India and is a member of Chef-De-Coaded, a group of India’s top chefs.

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Girish Kumar

Director of Culinary Middle East

Girish Kumar is the Director of Culinary for Griffith Foods Middle East. Originally from India, Girish began his culinary journey as a commis with Oberoi Hotel’s luxury collection resorts, later working in various hotels and being exposed to diverse cuisines. He later moved to Dubai to become a chef de cuisine managing Mediterranean and fusion Indian cuisine, helping him add value in his role at Griffith Foods engaging with processors in the QSR and foodservice product development sector.

  • Mark Serice

    VP of Global Culinary
  • Jonathan Tomlin

    Global Corporate Executive Chef Protein Processors
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Mark Serice

VP of Global Culinary

Mark Serice is the Vice President of Global Culinary for Griffith Foods. In his role at Griffith Foods, Mark seeks to elevate culinary for the entire organization, while complementing the business development activities of the company’s regional and local chefs. A native of New Orleans, Mark was heavily influenced by Cajun and creole cuisine, as well as his family’s shared passion for cooking. He has spent 35 years working in the food industry, with roles as Chef de Cuisine and Corporate Executive Chef for Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans. He is a Grand Rotisseure for Chaine de Rotisseurs, a member of the American Chefs Association, and a pending member for both the Research Chef Association and the World Academy of Chefs Societies.

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Jonathan Tomlin

Global Corporate Executive Chef Protein Processors

Chef Jonathan Tomlin started his career in fine dining, working for Mark McEwan in Toronto, Ontario Canada before training in France under Christian Constant. After returning to school for Food Science Technology, Chef Jonathan began his career at Griffith Foods as a Corporate Chef for Griffith Canada. After four years at Griffith Canada, Chef Jonathan now works on the Global Business Development Team, building business between our global protein processor clients and Griffith Foods local business units around the world.

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