Finding New Ways to Enliven Breakfast

Breakfast appeal that transcends dayparts.

Breakfast is back, and it’s all about new flavours, new formats and convenience that meets the needs of today’s consumers. Many people are returning to their pre-pandemic schedules—which means on-the-go breakfast items like pastries, sandwiches and specialty beverages fit well into their morning routines.

Many foodservice operators are using unexpected techniques to set their offerings apart. Wood-fired eggs, focaccia toast and carrot “bacon” take popular breakfast themes in new directions. Bowls inspired by congee (Chinese rice porridge), nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) and other global dishes are expanding their footprint as well.

The majority of consumers surveyed across Europe and Africa agree that they want food that’s “easy to prepare” (Mintel, 2023). Retail offerings such as microwaveable egg bites, breakfast pies and individually packaged cereal bowls with powdered milk cater to this need. On the snacking side, items like yogurt parfait bars, sprouted seed energy bars and smoked cheese sticks showcase convenience front and center.

Consumption of breakfast items has grown in recent years. So, don’t hesitate to limit breakfast innovation to simply the morning daypart. Products and menu items that play up sweet-and-savory combos or deliver a taste of nostalgia can be winners all day long.

Segment Snapshot


Not only are operators showcasing regional flavours and dishes, but many are incorporating their own twists on international favorites. Specialty beverages are seen as essential components of breakfast menus.


Protein is seen as a key nutrient for consumers’ first meal of the day, and the source can range from traditional meats to plant-based options. Regional cuisines are showing a strong influence on typical breakfast protein offerings.


CPG brands are blurring the line between breakfast food and snacks. With consumers increasingly focused on meeting their needs in the moment, brands are working to fit their offerings into more flexible post-pandemic lifestyles through enhanced nutrition, fun flavours or a dose of nostalgia.

Create And Innovate – Breakfast Made Bold

Chefs John Feeney and David Sanderson are here to demonstrate their new take on breakfast, playing up contrasting textures and bold ingredients. Contact them if you want to know more on any of the below concepts or products!

French toast with a twist – Turkish Toast

Cinnamon Eggy brioche pan fried topped with a soft poached egg, tzatziki sauce and a dukkah sprinkle.

Products featured:

  • Tzatziki Sauce
  • Dukkah Sprinkle


Kedgeree – Curried rice with smoked haddock and a soft poached egg.

Products featured:

  • Curry Spice Seasoning

Devilled kidneys

Traditional breakfast, classic dish using lamb kidneys. This particular sauce with a picante, umami creamy finish works well on steak and can be adapted to be a vegetarian/ vegan interpretation.​

Products inspired:

  • Seasoned Flour-Breader​
  • (Vegan) “Picante” sauce or seasoning

Snack breakfast pillows

The classic full house/full Monty and the snackable (toastie) surplus bite or in between meal (fourth meal). Can be premade heated up in a toaster, air fryer or oven. Finish off with your favourite dipping sauce.​ Bubble & Squeak, made out of leftovers…

Products inspired

  • Beetrot ketchup​ and Black Garlic Ketchup
  • Bean & tomato breakfast seasoning​
  • Eggs & Bacon with tomato seasoning​

Granola and Blueberry Cereal Bar 

Packed with seeds, oats, coconut, honey, blueberries and butter glazed with a honey and blueberry glaze.

Products featured:

  • Honey and Blueberry Glaze

Looking to enrich your breakfast offerings? – Take them to the next level!

Contact your Griffith Foods representative or the chefs to learn how these exciting, versatile products can enhance your breakfast and brunch options.

Chef Tip: “Serving up the perfect poached egg is a ‘must’ for a successful breakfast or brunch menu—but it doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Bring water and vinegar to a boil, stir and quickly crack the eggs into the swirling water. Once cooked, they can be placed in room-temperature water and sit for up to an hour before serving. A quick dip in boiling water will reheat them perfectly!”

–Chef Mark Serice, Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods

Looking Forward: What’s next for the breakfast category?

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