2023 Food & Flavour Outlook


The obstacles have been relentless and the road is long, but the food industry has continued to demonstrate the ability to rebound and grow in the face of challenges. And that’s why we’re thrilled to share our 2023 Food & Flavour Outlook with you—it’s all about the energy and excitement we’re seeing around the culinary world.

Our global market research experts and chefs are here to share our vision for the year ahead, with trends and culinary platforms that can serve as the basis for innovation—whether that’s new products, new menu items or new flavour delivery solutions.

We curated this list through the lens of FlavorIQ®, our uniquely tailored approach to the creation of product, menu and flavour delivery systems. It’s how we turn insights and culinary inspiration into actionable business solutions, considering both the current state of the industry and our predictions for the future.

Join us to learn “what’s next” for these exceptional foods and flavours. Get inspired to discover new opportunities as we create better together.

Let’s explore the 6 insight-driven culinary themes!
It’s time to revisit the morning daypart, with exciting new dishes and products.

After a decline in recent years, breakfast is back with new flavours, new formats and a stronger focus on convenience. Variety and value are essential, with sandwiches, bowls and portable snacks in high demand. Offerings are becoming more diverse, too, with muesli, liège waffles and congee finding new audiences around the globe. A mix of decadent and better-for-you options abounds as consumers straddle the line between healthy and indulgent.

Let’s find ways to revolutionize chicken, the wildly popular and beloved protein.

Whether it’s grilled or roasted, smoked or stewed, consumers simply can’t get enough chicken. As one of the most versatile proteins, chicken continues to soar across restaurants and retail offerings even as the cost of food continues to increase. The ever-popular fried chicken sandwich has also opened the doors to creative global exploration of chicken dishes. Riding the wave of success brought on by Nashville hot and Korean fried chicken, mouthwatering preparations such as Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Indian chicken 65 and Peruvian pollo a la brasa are primed to make an impact in the year ahead. 

Nothing brings the heat quite like the intense, robust flavours of barbecue.

Despite being the oldest cooking method in the world, barbecue is a culinary art form that constantly reinvents itself. Pitmasters are adapting traditional techniques to move with the times, mixing and matching wood types, fuels, proteins, seasonings and sauces in creative, delicious ways. Even health trends, such as sugar reduction and the plant-forward movement, are being incorporated into appealing new dishes. But this innovation is rooted in authentic methods and recipes that can be found around the globe, including Japanese yakitori, Indonesian satay, South African braai and Argentinian gaucho asado.

Delicious, authentic cuisine from Mexico is primed to make a worldwide impact.

With its time-honored techniques, colorful ingredients and bold flavours, there’s no shortage of excitement surrounding Mexican fare. Globally, the desire for authentic meals is growing—especially among younger generations—presenting an opportunity to dive into what makes each of the seven Mexican cuisine regions so special. Geography, agriculture and history work in tandem, resulting in the creation of local Mexican specialties with unique culinary identities.

Sustainable honey is the refined sugar alternative with an appealing healthy halo.

Demand for honey is flying past expectations, with consumption at an all-time high. The natural sweetener’s hive-to-table story aligns with the mindset of today’s eco-conscious consumers, bringing awareness to the safety of pollinator populations and how our food decisions impact the planet. Some suppliers have pledged to source ingredients from bee-friendly farms, while tech startups are creating lab-based honey using plant science and fermentation to bypass bees entirely.

Today, culinary evolution means taking new flavours into unexpected formats.

In today’s accelerated trend cycle, classic dishes can serve as a jumping-off point for new flavour profiles. This evolution of “dishes as flavours” represents a playful approach to innovation, blurring the lines between entrées, snacks, beverages and desserts. Consider the birthday cake, which is no longer just an annual baked treat. Birthday cake flavour descriptors can be found on ice cream, jelly beans, popcorn, graham crackers, peanut butter and more.

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