Culinary Mashups Get Creative

Merging flavours and formats to create something new.

In today’s accelerated trend cycle, culinary evolution means bringing new flavours into surprising formats. Chefs and manufacturers are evaluating classic dishes in a new light, taking the flavour “essence” in a playful new direction.

From an operational standpoint, reimagining recipes also helps with efficiencies and cross-utilization of products to repurpose leftovers and manage food waste.

On the protein side, we’re seeing combinations of carriers and fillings that showcase meat and plant-based options—and take consumers on an international journey. In China, Sichuan “spicy and tingling” tomato Bolognese pasta showcases a mashup with Italian flavours (Mintel, 2023). These products bring authentic elements of global cuisines into completely new and exciting formats.

When it comes to snacking, anything goes! Unexpected dessert flavours are a huge theme, with options such as churro and dulce de leche. Entrées-as-snacks including cacio e pepe rice puffs, garlic fried chicken corn puffs also meet consumer desire for something familiar, yet new.

Segment Snapshot


Operators are playing up the demand for comfort food by adding new flavours to popular dishes, such as burgers and sandwiches with globally inspired ingredients.


Classic dishes are serving as inspiration for flavours, formats and carriers in the protein category. Global street foods (such as bao), pasta dishes and even desserts are bringing a new twist to protein innovation.


CPG brands are reimagining global flavours, on-trend dishes and memorable ingredients as smaller bites, including everything from dessert-inspired flavours to snack-ified versions of classic entrées like tacos, cacio e pepe and pizza.

Create And Innovate – Chaos cooking

It’s all about transformation of the traditional. Whether you’re looking to create a mashup of unexpected dishes or take the essence of an entrée into a new format, such as a snack seasoning. Take a look to the below concepts created by chefs Berten Bos and Bran Buijks showcasing how Griffith Foods’ products bring creativity and exceptional performance.

Inside out Ramen burger

A juicy and crispy deep-fried Japanese-style karaage chicken patty, served on a ramen flavoured noodle burger with a delicate miso and sriracha sauce.

Products featured:

  • Karaage marinade
  • Karaage Predust
  • Miso sriracha style sauce
  • Ramen seasoning

Crispy Spiced Chicken Wing Lolli-Pop

A tender chicken wing coated with a crispy and herby breading. Combined with a Tex-Mex inspired BBQ sauce, which has a sweet and tangy taste with a hint of smokiness.

Products featured:

  • Piri Piri Seasoning
  • Herb Kalinda Coating System
  • Tex Mex BBQ

Plant-based ‘Chicken-free’ rings

Snacking plant-based donuts: Beetroot BBQ, Carrot Curry  and Garlic & Herbs.

Products featured:

  • NeverFry Vegetable Coatings (Beetroot BBQ, Carrot Curry and Garlic & herbs)
  • Chicken mimic functional seasoning

Hot Wing Tortillas

A delicious and spicy twist on traditional tortillas. The seasoning is inspired seasoning inspired by classic American hot wings. Combined with Infuso chili for a multi-flavour experience.

Products featured:

  • Hot wing seasoning
  • Chilli Infuso

Looking to reinvent a classic? – Take it to the next level!

Contact your Griffith Foods representative or the chefs to learn how these exciting, versatile products can be used across product formats, menu items and innovation platforms.

Chef Tip: “Creating a mashup of two authentic dishes, such as Sichuan mapo tofu and Canadian poutine, can bring a flavor experience to new heights. In this case, swap the french fries for crispy polenta sticks and top with spicy, mouth-numbing mapo tofu instead of gravy and cheese curds. This reimagined take will set your menu apart.”

–Chef Mark Serice, Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods

Looking Forward: What’s next for reimagined recipes?

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