Webinar: Cheese, Please!

Join us as we take a deep dive into Cheese, Please! with global market research partner, Mintel.

This report covers Cheese, Please! through a regional lens across our three business segments, including CPG Snacking, Protein, and QSR/Foodservice, with the overarching objective of elevating insight-driven culinary leadership around the world.

Cheese, Please!

Nothing satisfies like the creamy, comforting goodness of cheese. Beloved in many parts of the world already and emerging in new markets every day, cheese is enticing in all forms—nestled in a humble grilled cheese sandwich, sprinkled atop intricate handmade pasta, served in exciting recipes like cheese tea and on its own as a protein-rich, low-carb snack.

Khachapuri, a Georgian cheese-filled bread, melty Alpine raclette and Indian chile-cheese toast known as Eggs Kejriwal are just a few of the fantastic global dishes that celebrate the decadence of dairy. But innovative vegan alternatives are exploding on the scene as chefs and manufacturers look to reach a new customer base, with surprisingly tasty spreads and slices made from soy, nuts or vegetable oils.

In addition to an expansion of these non-dairy options, expect to see more specialty and smoked cheeses, cheese snacks (such as crisps), cheese sauces and cheesy proteins (such as bratwurst studded with jalapeño Jack) on menus and shelves.

To learn more about each of our 2021 trends, please contact your local Griffith Foods representative.

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