Roots and Shoots: An Exploration of Vegetables with Chef Minsu’s Potato Ongsimi-Tteokguk

Traditional Korean New Year's dish, Tteokguk, into a vegetable-centered creation using Griffith Foods' Vegetable Protein Binder and Gochujang Seasoning.

In an era where the celebrated food culture is increasingly embracing plant-based diets, Griffith Foods’ FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program: The Perfect Bite lends focus to a culinary theme – Rooting for Vegetables. Spearheading the theme is Chef Minsu, who gives us insights into his culinary concept Potato Ongsimi-Tteokguk, a unique exploration to exploring the world of vegetables.  

Re-imagining a Traditional Dish with Vegetables 

Looking into Korean culture, Chef Minsu has transformed a classic New Year’s dish (Tteokguk) into a vegetable haven. This dish sees the humble potato ingeniously flavored with various vegetable powders, changed into colorful potato balls. The result? A visually appealing dish filled with the essence of vegetables, an exciting tribute to the roots of his inspiration.  

“I would like to welcome people to the new era of vegetables. Because it is their time to shine!”

Chef Minsu
Chef Minsu transforms a traditional Korean New Year's dish, Tteokguk, into a vegetable-centered creation

Unique Application: Putting Griffith Foods’ Offerings into Practice 

Two Griffith Foods products are featured in Chef Minsu’s dish – the Vegetable Protein Binder and the Gochujang Seasoning.  

  • Vegetable Protein Binder is instrumental in achieving the perfect, firm-yet-chewy texture of the potato balls while significantly boosting the plant-protein quotient in the dish. 
  • Gochujang Seasoning brings a beautiful color contrast and a complex flavor blend to the apple kimchi that accompanies the potato Ongsimi. 

Serving Up a Novel Vegetable Experience 

Gochujang Seasoning boasts a striking red hue, enhancing dishes like apple kimchi and potato balls with bold flavor and vibrant color. This isn’t your average vegetable dish—it’s a flavorful and visually captivating experience. Drawing from the Korean tradition of side dishes, Chef Minsu provides an opportunity for a fresh take on vegetables, celebrating their versatility beyond the confines of salads.  

Chef Minsu’s concept is not just about vegetables. It’s about cultural acceptance, versatility, and above all, the respect we give to our ingredients.  

FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program 

At Griffith Foods, we turn insights and culinary creativity into new opportunities with our FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program. Through our annual culinary theme program, we curated a list of key culinary themes that reflect the food industry’s current state and our prediction for what’s next. Learn more about our program and themes here

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