Bite-Sized Brilliance: Chef Jaime’s Quest for Pocket Food Perfection

This year’s FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program: The Perfect Bite explores the delight and emotion of culinary experiences that activate the senses through themes, culinary platforms, ideas, and themes including Pocket Food Perfection

Chef Meston Defines Pocket Food Perfection with Her Dish “Birria Pani Puri”

Griffith Foods taps into the expertise of Chef Jamie Meston, Regional Director of Culinary at Griffith Foods to explore the concept of Pocket Food Perfection. Chef Jaime describes it as a fusion dish, a merging of bold flavors and various textures into compact, easy-to-eat portions, offering unique culinary experiences. Drawing elements from Indian Pani Puri and Southwestern slow-roasted meat traditions Chef Jaime redefines Pocket Food Perfection.  

Incorporating Multicultural Perspectives in a Single Dish

Chef Jaime’s Birria Pani Puri, a creative blend of flavors from her Arizona roots and the well-known Indian dish – Pani Puri, unfolds as an innovative food concept. The dish, made with Griffith Foods’ Elote and Birria seasonings, pairs the slow-roasted meat profiles of the Southwest and Sonoran gastronomy with the fiery zest of Indian Pani Puri. 

“It’s small bites full of big flavor, fun textures, new exciting experiences, one mouthful at a time.”

Chef Jaime Meston

Creating Unique Flavors

A significant part of this dish’s unique flavor profile results from the incorporation of Griffith Foods’ Elote and Birria seasonings, along with the Custom Culinary beef liquid stock concentrate. These seasonings act as powerful flavor catalysts in this pocket-sized marvel, adding depth and complexity to each bite.  

  • The Birria seasoning crafted by Griffith Foods brings together flavors through its blend of dried chilies, cumin, cloves, tomato, oregano, and cinnamon, coupled with a tangy undertone. 
  • Griffith Food’s Elote Seasoning reflects the authentic taste of street corn with fresh corn leading the flavor profile, further enhanced with cotija and mayonnaise components, finished with a chili powder essence that adds vibrancy and depth. 
  • Griffith Food’s Custom Culinary Beef Liquid Stock Concentrate boasts robust savory flavor and a rich layering of umami, contributing to an infusion of flavor and a rich brown hue in any dish it’s incorporated into.  

FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program

At Griffith Foods, we turn insights and culinary creativity into new opportunities with our 2024 FlavorIQ® Food & Flavor Outlook Program. Through our annual culinary theme program, we curated a list of key culinary themes that reflect the food industry’s current state and our prediction for what’s next. Learn more about our program and themes here. 

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