Griffith Foods Partners with Culinary Institute of Canada to Offer New Certified Culinary Scientist® Examination Preparatory Program

Griffith Foods Limited, Griffith Foods’ business unit in Canada, and the Culinary Institute of Canada have launched a Certified Culinary Scientist ® (CCS) examination preparatory program. This one-of-a-kind program offers a blend of online and face-to-face training, designed for food scientists and product development professionals seeking to enhance their skills, performance and marketability with a proficiency in the culinary arts. The program is supported through the Research Chef’s Association (RCA), the group that pioneered Culinology® — the blending of culinary arts and the science of food.

“We at Griffith Foods have long recognized the power of merging the artistic and scientific mindset” said Jim Thorne, general manager of Griffith Foods Canada. “Our Research & Development and Culinary teams focus on creating the best tasting and performing products, delivering foods our customers love. We believe that having Certified Culinary Scientists® on our team will only help to strengthen our product development credibility and expertise. We see Certified Culinary Scientist® certification as becoming the new industry standard of certification for scientists and product development professionals. Griffith Foods is focused on “creating better together” and we are excited to be part of this program, which we believe will help create better food, together as an industry, for the consumer.”

The Certified Culinary Scientist ® examination preparatory course is designed to help participants who already hold the required scientific credentials, gain hands-on culinary proficiency and facilitate comprehension of the latest key industry food development topics. Completion of the course will deliver the Research Chefs Association’s (RCA) required 120 contact hours, while building the skills needed to prepare participants to challenge the RCA’s Certified Culinary Scientist® certification exam. New skills developed through the program’s course work will increase culinary competency for immediate application in the field or as participants continue to prepare for the CCS ® certification. The program is designed for the working professional, allowing portions of the coursework to be completed while working full-time and minimizing the amount of time away from work and home.

The program has two sessions, running a total of 8 months. The first session began in November 2016 and ran for 14 weeks on-line. The face-to-face portion was held in Prince Edward Island, Canada’s “Food Island” the week of March 20 (5 days). The next on-line session will begin in April 2017.

If you would like more information about the program, please visit, or contact Taylor McNerney, marketing manager at Griffith Foods Canada.

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