2021 Alternative Protein Report: Now, Next, Future

It’s predicted that the world will have nearly 10 billion mouths to feed by 2050 — and traditional livestock- and emissions-heavy operations won’t cut it.

In this paper, we take a “Now, Next, Future” approach to surveying the alternative protein landscape, calling on insights from culinary technologists, food scientists, nutrition specialists, and global business development experts alike. From novel ingredients and innovative processes to lab-grown protein at scale, we’ll explore how the area of alternative protein is heating up around the world — and what processors and food development innovators can do to play their part.

With a century of industry expertise, comprehensive global insights, collaborative partnership, and purpose-driven passion, we offer the innovation and guidance to create products that meet the varied needs of consumers. Together, we can deliver the most delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food systems to nourish our growing planet.

Join us as we help pioneer the next generation of culinary innovation.

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