We blend care
and creativity to nourish the world.

We’re passionate about creating delicious and nutritious food that is healthy and sustainable.

We Create Delicious & Nutritious Recipes

At Griffith Foods, we specialise in product development for foods that consumers love and our partners can take pride in. That’s why the food we help create delights the taste buds, nourishes bodies, brings people together, and protects the planet.

Purpose Framework

Griffith Foods is driven by our Purpose. It is a compass that guides who we are, how we behave, and what we do as an organisation to Nourish the World.


It’s a conscious expression of how Griffith Foods leverages our unique skills and capabilities to address the needs of the world. By understanding every level of our value chain, and collaborating with expert partners, we can expand our positive impact for all those with whom we interact.

Sustainability Focused

To us, sustainability is a platform for Griffith Foods to grow our business by positively impacting People, Planet, and Performance. It’s deeply embedded within the organisation – in every decision we make, every partnership formed, and every community we help feed with the recipes we create.

Creating Better Together

Through true collaborative innovation, we work together with our customers, suppliers, and other expert partners to create healthier products and contribute to a better world.

Griffith Foods Across the Globe

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  • Manufacturing Centers
  • Product Development and Manufacturing Centers

Global Food Trends, Powerful Insights

The Griffith Foods team carefully monitors emerging food trends and delivers value-added insights and information to help our partners deliver cutting-edge culinary creations and bring global flavours to your markets. 

Let's Create Better Together

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