It’s Here! Griffith Foods’ 2024 Food & Flavor Outlook

It all comes down to The Perfect Bite.

In 2024, the Food & Flavor Outlook from Griffith Foods will explore the delight and emotion of culinary experiences that activate the senses, culminating in a single perfect bite.
That bite can serve as inspiration for new recipes, menu items or product launches. Together, let’s explore globally relevant culinary themes that can help you craft a compelling selling story and uncover new business opportunities.

Stay tuned throughout 2024 as we spend time exploring the below culinary themes together!

Are you ready to tell the story of your perfect bite and create better together? Reach out to your Griffith Foods representative today for more information on how you can incorporate the below culinary themes into your offerings.

To call it “time-tested” would be an understatement. Though fermentation is one of the world’s oldest preservation techniques, it’s finding new life as an exciting catalyst for food innovation. Many beloved fermented foods are finding new audiences as they appear in new applications, on both retail shelves and restaurant menus. The future of fermentation is exciting, delicious and sustainable!

Foods that can be eaten on a walk, in the car or simply away from a dining table hold a beloved spot in the hearts of consumers. Handhelds are associated with convenience, authenticity and the idea that amazing flavors can be found anywhere, at any time of day. Because we eat with our eyes, “pocket foods” deliver a unique sensory experience. They often feature mouthwatering crispy coatings but may also offer a tantalizing glimpse of the goodness that lies within.

Today’s plant-based diet advocates are touting a simpler approach, using recognizable ingredients in innovative, sustainable ways that appeal to flexitarian diners. Especially in foodservice, chefs are going back to their roots to ensure that vegetables shine at the center of the plate, showcasing whole foods in new applications. In retail, veggie-forward convenience meals, canned goods and frozen products make the goal of consuming more fruits and vegetables easier than ever.

With its melting pot of culinary techniques, natural ingredients and historical influence, it’s no surprise that South America’s distinctive cuisines are making a global impact. Elements of Venezuelan, Brazilian, Argentine and Peruvian cuisines, to name a few, can be described as both exciting and familiar to consumers around the world—something we’re already seeing in unique mashup fare.

We know that composed dishes can inspire flavor innovation, but what happens when a beverage serves as the starting point for creativity? The results take sweet-and-savory pairings to the next level. With so many signature drinks found around the globe, this theme can introduce flavors to wider audiences. Could agua fresca, calimocho, lassi or coquito be the next breakout beverage flavor hit?

Consumers may not know what it’s called, but they understand it when they taste it. We’re talking about umami—the savory, brothy and rich flavor experience common to cured meats, truffles, aged cheeses, soy sauce and shellfish. Umami-rich ingredients can be used to amplify flavors in plant-based dishes and they also serve as time-saving flavor boosters in retail applications, such as cooking sauces, stocks, pastes, condiments and seasoning blends. The fifth taste is truly an international sensation!

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