Griffith Foods Partners with EcoVadis

Griffith Foods is proud to announce a partnership with EcoVadis, including assessing and rating Griffith Foods’ sustainability platform and evaluating the company’s suppliers for their sustainability performance.

This is Griffith Foods’ first assessment and rating from Ecovadis, who provides the leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains, completing more than 15,000 assessments yearly.

The assessment process included reviews of Griffith Foods’ policies and actions, as well as results related to the following: the environment; labor and human rights; ethics; and sustainable procurement. This information was compiled and analyzed to produce one unified scorecard. The assessment is customized to each company, accounting for industry, size and location.

As an example of the criteria and review process, Griffith Foods was reviewed for the following in labor practices: employee health and safety; working conditions; social dialogue; and, career management and training.

In addition to the score, EcoVadis’ assessment provided strengths and improvement areas for all criteria. This information will be used by Griffith Foods to develop new solutions and continuously improve sustainability management across the business.

EcoVadis uses methodology based on international sustainability standards, including Global Reporting Initaitive (GRI), United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000 as some well-known examples. Using innovative technology and sustainability expertise, they strive to engage companies and help them adopt sustainable practices.

Griffith Foods is also working with EcoVadis to evaluate over 1,500 raw material and packaging suppliers on their sustainability performance. The goal is to expand Griffith Foods’ impact by identifying and addressing sustainability risks in the company’s supply chain.

This relationship will improve an already strong sustainability platform, and further drive the company’s ability to deliver on Purpose.

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