Product Portfolio

The food industry is as versatile as it is vital. Our passion? Tailoring everything from flavor to functionality to meet your unique needs. As a global leader in flavor, we continue to expand our portfolio to meet the evolving tastes and needs of consumers around the world.


Our reputation as experts in seasonings is known across the industry. That’s because one of our great strengths is the breadth and depth of seasonings we offer.  It means we can transform delicious foods and elevate flavour and taste in new and innovative ways.


We have an extensive range of seasonings that are immediately available off the shelf. This is the entry point from which customers can test out combinations and experience our scope and expertise firsthand.

Sauces & Dressings

Our diverse selection of sauces, gravies, salsas, condiments, dressings, dip sauces & drizzles, marinades, filling sauces, emulsions, fruit sauces, cooking sauces, sweet toppings, and soups are available in liquid, dry, and concentrate.

Coating Systems

We focus on producing value-added coating systems with unique visual, textural and functional properties to make your products stand out.


Vegetable Coatings

We only use recognizable, nutritious ingredients with no artificial or synthetic elements. This also allows for a more sustainable approach to sourcing and production. Derived from 20% dehydrated vegetable powder delivers significant extra fiber. With this innovation, we won the prestigious FiE 2019 Innovation Award.


Nutritional Coatings

At Griffith Foods we have the coating expertise and ingredient knowledge to offer you a coating system with improved nutritional quality. The addition of fibers and/or protein will enable front-of-pack nutrition labeling. 

Functional Blends

Our functional blend systems maximise yield, colour, taste, and shelf life, formulated especially for red meat, poultry, and seafood.

Health & Nutrition

At Griffith Foods, all our new ideas and concepts reflect our ongoing ambition to be the first choice Delicious & Nutritious product development partner. 

It’s about an innovative culture to bring care and creativity to our customers with market-leading ideas and concepts that map a healthier, more nutritious journey.

Sugar Flex

Great taste, texture and appearance is what we offer via this innovative toolbox where sugar is replaced, reduced or removed. Always bespoke to customer requests and requirements to allow consumers a healthier, better-for-you alternative.

Sodium Flex

Drastically reducing the use of sodium whilst delivering great taste and texture. Sodium Flex, a product range of seasonings and coatings from low to no added sodium.

Never Fry 

Requires oven hot air to control fat, improve nutrition profiles, using hydrated vegetables to retain taste, texture and colours. No fryer also means reduced production costs.

Griffith Sustainably Sourced

Griffith Sustainably Sourced (GSS) is our strategic sourcing program that targets farm-level integration of the supply chain across four continents to increase the amount of raw materials sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, grow sustainable crop yields, and improve the well-being of farmers. By embodying our triple-bottom-line sustainability platform of People, Planet, and Performance, we truly believe we can create shared value for our customers, partners, and environment.

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