Health & Nutrition: A Collective Mindset

One of the biggest food myths of our time is the idea that delicious food and healthy ingredients are mutually exclusive. But through care and creativity, we’ve been able to create nutritious, crave-worthy products, from a broad range of seasonings to savory sauces and innovative coatings, showcasing the incredible power of like-minded partnerships and food science.

At Griffith Foods, a focus on health and nutrition is part of our heritage. For over a century, our focus on purposeful evolution has ensured our products continuously improve the safety of food for consumers, while innovation and new ingredients help us to create solutions that nourish the world, meeting the changing needs and demands within health and nutrition It’s a critical aspect of innovative food development.

Through our Global Innovation Council (GIC) and Global Culinary Council (GCC), we’ve been hard at work on best-in-class food innovations and culinary creations, using healthy ingredients in exceptional ways. Blending the diverse set of strengths from GIC and GCC members with skills and perspectives of internal and external partners ensures relevant understanding of what health and nutrition represent across the world, and allows customer-relevant innovation that can be scaled globally. 

Healthier At Every Turn

Griffith Foods looks at the whole recipe when we strive to make products healthier. We realize the importance of added nutritional properties like fiber and protein fortification and find ways to enable clean label.  These innovations help ensure that real value is passed on to customers and consumers alike. That’s why we’ve defined five key areas for health and nutrition advancement:

  1. Clean label — Products developed without any artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients.
  2. Reduction — reducing fat, sugar, and sodium
  3. Fortification — adding ingredients with specific nutrition benefits
  4. Elimination — removing redients that have been shown to negatively impact people’s health
  5. Organics — creating recipes from organic ingredients to meet consumer demands

As consumer preferences shift toward healthier, more nutritious foods, we’ve continued making investments in this area to provide healthy alternatives that still deliver on taste and texture.

Worth Its Salt

Each year in the U.S., nearly 400,000 deaths are related to high blood pressure – many of these, at least in part, due to modern consumers’ sodium intake. Yet, most sodium is consumed in the form of processed foods.

In response to changing market conditions and consumer preferences, we developed Sodium Flex, an innovative platform designed to reduce sodium levels across a multitude of product categories while maintaining best-in-class taste and texture. Being able to play with a variety of components, like flavor enhancers and umami flavors, help create that functionality without the downsides of sodium.

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Healthy Innovation, Healthy Future

Our dedication to health and nutrition will continue to grow and mirrors the changing expectations of consumers and our global commitment to true nourishment. We’re already building on the progress we’ve made, and in the coming years, we plan to continue launching innovative, healthy, and nutritious food systems. Efforts in this area will help Griffith Foods responsibly and proactively meet evolving demands of the marketplace and increase our positive impact on consumers around the world.

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