2020 Alternative Protein Report: From Movement to Mainstay

The 2010’s will be remembered as a very transitional time for the consumer diet and lifestyle around the world.

The 2010s saw a desire to eat more plant-based meals, the introduction of new protein alternatives, and the development of can-you-believe-it-type meatless burgers, which famously ended up on menus of the biggest fast-food chains.

The biggest change, however, is not what these innovations have done for vegans and vegetarians, but how they’ve impacted diets and mindsets of all consumers, creating a totally new subcategory of “flexitarians” who are looking for more options too. These consumers come with big appetites and even bigger expectations for health, sustainability, and accessibility. But are plant-based options really healthier? Are they, in fact, better for the planet? And, most importantly, are they here to stay?

Join us as we help pioneer the next generation of culinary innovation.

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