With the first signs of Spring finally in the air and temperatures rising across the UK it’s only natural for our thoughts and those of our consumers to turn towards Summer eating.

Although retailers are only just launching their 2023 ranges, our Culinary team are hard at work blending care and creativity to craft 2 mouthwatering menus for next Summer and beyond:

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Inflation Busting Core Range

We can help you maximise your core sales!

  • Novel nostalgia: In times of uncertainty consumers lean on comforting, trusted flavours so we’ve used our professional Sensory panel to ensure our concepts deliver on consumer expectations of core flavours.

  • Looking for value: With consumers becoming more cost-conscious and price-orientated we’ve developed a core range that delivers value without compromise.

  • Love your leftovers: As belts tighten and meals must stretch further, we have suggestions to help consumers use up leftovers in delicious ways.

  • Same Taste, Less Energy: Cost to cook has never been more of a consideration for consumers so we’ve developed concepts that deliver on taste no matter how they’re cooked.

Inspirational range

We let our chefs blend food trends with their creativity to excite you!

  • Out of Home, In Home: In-home gatherings have become the new normal as consumers are turning their heads to ‘upping the ante’ and showing off their cooking skills.

  • Kitchen Wanderlüst: With travels expected to be limited for many this year, consumers will be looking more and more to travel through food.

  • Fine eating, not dining: With premium added value ranges gathering momentum in recent years, we look to recreate fine dining in consumers’ homes.

  • Chef innovation: And finally, no menu would be complete without leveraging our Global Culinary Team’s expertise to bring new ideas from all over the World.

We’d love to share our insights and inspiration with you and your team and look forward to welcoming you to our Somercotes or Wincanton kitchens soon!